A Cold Monday, Whats In and The True Cost Of Your Food…

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Good Freezing Morning.
My fingers are fuddling across the keyboard here because they’re so cold!
I dearly hope that you have all planned to cook something luscious and comforting for this evening.
It’s that kind of weather.
If you’re really on the ball, you’ll have something slowly cooking in the slow cooker right now…or you’ll be making a curry ready to be eaten tomorrow….
Oh man I wish I was cooking in this weather…right now, it makes me want to crawl into the hearth of my warm kitchen and nurture amazing ingredients into hearty dishes that’ll fill my family’s bellies and souls alike..
The next best thing to that I guess is where I’m at now, being around and in the face of Joburg’s best sustainable food from the best organic, free range and sustainable farms we can find.
There is still time to get your orders in for today delivery if you jump on it now…
If you miss the 12pm deadline for this afternoon, don’t panic – put your order in this afternoon and we’ll see you tomorrow..
The Karoo Meat of Origin Lamb is flying off the shelves as is Mandy’s Chicken..
We are working on keeping higher volumes in stock of both, it’s a difficult balancing act with the chicken when you’re dealing with small farms. It’s not a conveyor belt of food and we don’t have an abundance of small sustainable chicken farmers doing it properly, so the supply is erratic.
The half boxes should be coming in mid-week again as well as new stock so we shouldn’t be running out of lamb going into the future..
The beef is in, new stock of mince etc…all in.
Right, I’ll shut up now and get on with it….I’ve written an article below about what the true cost of cheap food is and then some ideas for a quick but hearty winter meal if you’re time challenged this evening.

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