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This may be the shortest newsletter I’ve ever written, it has to be as I actually only have 15 minutes to do it in. I’m leaving the store today to go and hide away at a retreat I used to go to way back in the day when I used to write seminars and facilitate them. It’s going to be quite something to be doing that again and going back there, this time to hole up and write the process for what I believe is going to be a great push forward for the South African Food Revolution. I’ll be focusing on CERA – The Conscious and Ethical Retailers, Consumers and Producers Alliance, writing the process for the launch workshops which kick off next week.
To all of those new, if you’d like to know what CERA is about and what effort is being made by some of South Africa’s greatest leaders in the sustainable food movement, read here and if you’d like to join as a consumer getting involved with decisions made about your food and learning from farmers – read the draft proposal and attend the first workshop. Also forward it on to any conscious and ethical food body or person that you think needs to be there.
We mean to go large on protecting the food revolution from green-washing, fraud and illusion so that we you can even better trust what you see in the alternate food space.
Why I needed to quickly clip off a store newsletter to you before I head off is because I needed to tell you about the new pork sausages you will see in the main freezer in-store today from The Leopard Food Co.
I haven’t had time to do the story on the very exciting and well learned farmer behind the scenes of the pork going into these sausages as CERA is taking centre stage in terms of time at the moment, but I need to just quickly let you know what this is about and when I get back from CERA launches, I shall do a proper story from the farm for you.
Some time ago, Nick from The Leopard (if you haven’t been to The Leopard restaurant, do yourselves a favour, this chef is committed to sourcing the best sustainable ingredients he can find for his restaurant), came in to the store with some samples of pork sausages he had made using what he said was ‘free range’ pork.
He came in at around the time that I was reeling from the chocolate fraud and he probably caught me at my worst time for cynicism. I barked questions at him about what he means by free-range, doubting very much that it was meaningful seeing as though true pastured pork is so hard to find.
Anyhow we left it that he would put me in contact with the farmer, I agreed to have an exploratory chat with him and if happy with what I heard, go and visit his farm.
Lo and behold when I finally met the farmer here in Bryanston, I found myself sitting in front of one of the original Allan Savory holistic management farmers, a farmer who has worked with Allan Savory extensively in Zimbabwe and whose name appears in holistic management textbooks! I wasn’t just sitting with any old farmer, I was sitting with an experienced practitioner of what I believe is one of the most sustainable farming philosophies – holistic management.
For those of you who haven’t heard about ‘holism’ and holistic management and Allan Savory – please google and you’ll come up with much, there is a particular TED talk by Allan Savory on regenerating grass-lands that really best describes why this farming philosophy to regenerate biodiversity and grass-lands by putting animals into their original relationship with nature is so important. So there I found myself sitting with the equivalent of what we have in Keith Harvey, in pork.
As he was describing how the farm is run to have pigs and chickens in a natural relationship both living side by side and working with the soil and grass to regenerate all and showing me pictures of the land that has been regenerated and pigs all outdoors running around with chickens, I felt just utterly blessed.
It usually takes me years to track down a great farmer that my blood pumps for – and here this just landed on my lap, providence indeed.
I will put more focus onto this story and do an article from the farm once the CERA launches are over – but that’s the short introduction – ! – to the sausages and bacon you will see in the main freezer.
There are no preservatives in the spices he has used so we need to freeze them, it’s just safer. He is only using non-irradiated single source spice mixes he makes up so guarantees that the sausages are gluten-free and starch free and they are silly delicious.
This has all happened quite quickly so we haven’t had a chance to get information about the incredible farm behind these sausages  on the packs yet – but we’ll get there.
He is making a Beer Bratwurst, Breakfast Banger, Saucisse De Provence and Salsiccia sausage as well as dry cured bacon.
I need to dash –  I’m out of time!
Other store news that is relevant – all the new greens from Aloe Dale come in today, kale, spinach, baby spinach, tatsoi etc – please give the store a call on 011 514 0958 for ETA’s of what’s in and out.
We have many new subscribers coming through at the moment.
To all of you a warm welcome. Welcome to The Jozi Real Food Revolution.
You have just joined a community of people who give much a damn about the source of our food, about bringing transparency and integrity to the organic natural and whole food space and who take no nonsense.
You will connect to South Africa’s most sustainable farms here, you will gain access to the most nutrient-dense food from the best farms, we are a small store and you won’t find shelves and shelves of nonsense but what you see here you can trust because I stand by it as a food activist who has dedicated her life to stand for the food revolution and great farmers.
If it isn’t in this store, you need to trust me that there is good reason. Just ask me why.
I look forward to chatting to you again shortly, for quick soundbites of new things that are coming in, please like our FACEBOOK page – Organic Emporium – Natural and Whole Food, I’m starting to do more recipes up there too, have a beautifully nourishing Spring…lovely chatting to you as always.
Standing for you right to connect to nourishment from South Africa’s most sustainable farms,
Much love, as always, Debbie Logan
Yours in the Jozi Real Food Revolution,
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