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Welcome to The Organic Natural and Whole Food Emporium – Your weekly delivery service for conscious and ethical brands and farm direct produce.



Our story

Taken over by food activist, food writer and organic food retailer Debbie Logan in her garage ten years ago, Organic Emporium's core mission is to make a healthy whole foods lifestyle affordable and accessible and to stimulate stronger demand and supply of sustainably farmed produce.


The Organic Natural and Whole Food Emporium has worked with some of our country’s most compelling farmers for regenerative and organic farming models.

Today it remains a connection hub between farmers and the consumers who want to access the best nutrition in the most convenient way.

After closing a retail concern, founder food activist and journalist, Debbie Logan believes that farm-to-consumer-direct models are the way to go for consumers to have a more empowered relationship with their farmers and for farmers to be truly sustainable.

Without these, middle-men, property owners and retailers take out too high a portion of the shelf price and the farmer and consumer remain disengaged, the farmer a price taker and the consumer fodder for label littering and marketing manipulation. After burning out and losing everything to retail school fees 12 years after starting Organic Emporium as a food movement, Debbie Logan is going back to basics to start again with all lessons built in. Back to its online roots is where it starts again while Debbie works with farmers on a new farm-to-consumer direct model to launch in the future.

Home deliveries of a broad range of whole foods are delivered to PTA on Thursdays and Jozi and surrounds on Fridays.

Customers are welcome to order via the site or to request to join Debbie’s broadcast channel where she interacts directly with her clients weekly and sends out weekly availability lists and information relevant to the week. Message her on 083 255 0861 for information on how to join the active buyers channel or order directly from the site.

You can also subscribe to the newsletter to get new blog articles from her delivered to your inbox.

For Jozi Friday deliveries – order cut-off Wednesday mid-day.

For PTA Thursday deliveries – order cut-off mid-day Tuesday.

From Debbie:

We have evolved over many years to meet the ever changing South African context and the realities of the farmers who feed us as well as the needs for convenience of a largely harried consumer needing transparency and better food choices.

After shutting down a retail store, the business has gone back to its roots of online deliveries as well as broadened its offering to respond to lessons learnt from that time. Debbie is as adamant as ever about working with the best South African organic farmers and educating consumers about what organic farming is at its core. The word organic has become tragically misunderstood and mis-shapen by marketing interests. By being transparent about the farming philosophy and farmer behind your food, we will continue to connect you the best nourishment we can find and the closest to an organic philosophy we can find. To get a better sense of the founding philosophy behind our ethos, please visit Debbie's blog for articles written through-out the years on farms and other food revolution issues.
When ordering fresh produce – it will be marked organic if it is from a certified organic farm, if not – ‘Natural’ – ‘Whole Food’.
For animal produce – only meaningful pasture-raised farming models are selected.

How to Order / Delivery Information

For Jozi and surrounds – Delivery is on Fridays with weekly cut-off for orders on Wednesday mid-day.

For PTA – Delivery is on Thursdays with weekly cut-off for orders on Tuesday mid-day.

The site is updated each week, you can place your orders on the site and pay via our secure Payfast system or you can request to join our private buyers broadcast channel for regular membership only clients.

This group is reserved for clients that order weekly, limited or exclusive stock is reserved for this group and recipes, insider information, advance notice of new products coming in and articles are prioritised for this group. If you order for 4 weeks consecutively, you will be added to this group, a members portal for active buyers will be launched shortly.

Updated availability lists are sent out on this channel every Monday so regular buyers gets first priority and notifications of new farm produce coming in.

To join the private buyers broadcast channel – please send a WhatsApp to Debbie on 083 255 0861.