Ambersky Farm – Our Favourite Local Organic Farm

I spent some last week just catching up with Sarel and Cammy, our favourite local and organic farm and catering company.
The reason I’d call them my favourite organic fresh produce farm is because Sarel is one of the most fastidious organic farmers I’ve ever met. He knows more about the ins and outs of organic farming than most. Cammy is as fastiduous in her cooking and in living an organic lifestyle, all the Ambersky prepared meals that you find under our ready made meals section are from this farm and contain the love of their dedicated to organic principles in the food. Sarel and Cammy are nature’s custodians, working the land and people who refuse to take short-cuts.
That means, that Sarel has had a tense time of it with the rainfall this season being erratic and different to the norm. In January, for instance, Sarel tells us that a farmer usually gets between 200ml and 250ml of rainfall. This is needed for a great Summer crop. This January they got 7ml. This puts a lot of pressure onto February where he says they would need 5-10 ml of rainfall everyday on average to prevent crop failure.
While conventional farmers won’t take the risk of working with nature, and rather manipulate the soil, temperature and conditions to produce food at any cost to the environment, an organic farmer won’t do that. They work with nature and are at the mercy of it.
I love the connection we have with Ambersky Farm, that they are totally transparent, active in the organic community and becoming more and more of a resource for emerging farmers who want to learn about organic farming.
You won’t find perfectly formed produce on their farm, but you will get untainted produce from fertile, nourished and well tended organic soil with no pesticides or chemical contamination.
It is a treasure to eat from soil like this as you’re getting healthier produce grown in the healthiest soil.
At the moment, we’re getting the packs of prepared vegetable packs from the Ambersky Farm and kitchen – roast vegetable and steam packs. These are exceedingly popular for the busy cook who doesn’t have time for the chopping and preparation but doesn’t want to compromise on the quality of nutrition. You can simply rip open a packet – throw it into a dish with some olive oil, salt and pepper and roast for half an hour to 40 minutes or toss a steam vegetable pack in the steamer – put it on for 5 minutes and serve with butter or organic olive oil. Easy.
The large bunches of unpackaged fresh kale are picked regularly for us and are at the store, great for juicing.
We also have beetroot bunches in from them this week and into Summer, there will be 3 different varieties coming up of beets.
In the ground now and coming soon from Ambersky, we’ll have pumpkin (I can’t wait, so  many of you went mad on their gorgeous pumpkins last year, we’ll be roasting them with butter and cinnamon again soon), broccolli raab (another super food type nutrient dense green – treat like kale – stir-fry in butter or olive oil or use as a salad base), courgettes, pepperdews, kale, chomolia,curly kale, green peppers, salad packs, lambs lettuce, rocket, purple beans and mustard greens.
I ate a mustard green leaf while I was there and nearly went to heaven. I’m going to be encouraging you to buy packs of it and put it in your salad mixes. It literally tastes like eating fresh wasabi or mustard in a green. I go mad for it. You really want to try it.
I might actually leave a taster of it at the store table with some olive oil for you to taste. It’s too beautiful.
You’ll find the meals from the Ambersky Kitchen – Le Cuisine Jardin – under the prepared meals tab on our store. These meals are made with organic produce off the farm where possible and only use free range chicken and beef.
This is one of the most compelling, accessible and local organic farms in Jozi and a valuable part of our food revolution, keeping us connected to the best greens, an ongoing supply of kale and the best seasonal produce that Jozi organic soil has to offer.

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