Ambersky Farm, Make The Best of Grass Fed Beef and Why Organic Tomatoes Are Better For You..

Ambersky Organic Farm

Ambersky Organic Farm

So much to chat about today, not so much a newsletter as an avalanche of food words perhaps.
I hope you’re all up for a great week, there’s a lot of great news about.

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 Natter and Chatter..
Small things sometimes make me happy.
This week it’s the rain and my new batch of beef stock that I’ve just finished making that has cooled and is almost totally gelatinous. I admit that I literally shriek out loud when I see stock set like this.
The more your stock sets like jelly when it’s done, the higher the amount of gelatine that’s in it, the better for you. It’s not always easy to get, it depends on the quality of the bones you use. The stock bone packs we have from Harvey’s 100% Grass Fed beef make the best bone broth and stock.
If you haven’t done this in life yet, I’m going to urge you to just try it once, you won’t go back.
So many nutrient dense great meals need stock as a base and if you just get it on and leave it for 4-5 days to do it’s own thing in a slow cooker, you end up with a nutrient dense stock or soup base that can have you making up great easy nutrition quickly. You don’t need to touch it for those 4-5 days, just the initial quick preparation – put it on, leave it and in 5 days time, take it out, leave to cool over night in a fridge. In the morning you have great tallow to scoop off the top and a thick, gelatinous nutrient dense stock to use underneath.
When it’s tomato season, I make the most beautiful tomato soups that my family goes mental for and I feel delighted to serve them knowing how full of goodness they are.
For more information how to make a great beef stock and why it’s so good for you, click here.
While it’s tomato season and we have organic tomatoes in – buy some large, ripe red tomatoes. Cut them into quarters and spread them on baking tray with fresh thyme, chopped garlic, origanum, olive oil, salt and pepper, roast until they’re soft – 30-40 mins.
Blitz them with a hand held blender, put them in a large pot on the stove-top – add approximately 2 litres of your stock/bone broth made from grass-fed beef bones and simmer the soup on the lowest temperature until it has reduced to half of the liquid and is thick and stupidly tasty.
It really is such a rich soup if you’ve got the right stock and a great way to get instant calcium and trace elements into your families diet while they gush with pleasure.
See details too below of a study released recently from Brazil that shows organic tomatoes to be higher in vitamin c and antioxidants. 
We’ve got great tomato packs for making soup on the shelf this week from Wensleydale.
What you also want to consider is that if you want to do grass fed beef more economically, you can buy the more economical cuts like brisket, chuck, bone in shin, short rib and beef stew. These cuts are the most flavourful cuts of beef available provided they are cooked well, and well means slow-cooked. Everybody has this perception that these cuts are unknown and laborious when actually they make the best week day stews with not too much effort if you use a slow cooker AND use a home made beef stock to cook them in.
We’re cooking bone in shin for the afternoon for this evening and really the preparation is minimal. I have stock made, while I was doing breakfast and lunches and in the kitchen this morning, I quickly put on some carrots, onions and celery to fry gently in some butter and olive oil, browned beef shin – added it to my vegetables, threw in a cup of red wine, let it bubble, a cup of stock and a tin of organic tomatoes.
Now the whole thing is in a casserole ready to cook slowly for the afternoon. The rest doesn’t need me. I asked our domestic help to dice up the carrot, celery and onion for me yesterday so that it was done knowing that I wouldn’t have time in the morning, the rest was easy work and the rest of the magic happens without me, on a low, low temperature in the oven all afternoon.
Or you could just toss it all in the slow cooker. I can’t because our slow cooker is permanently used for stock, I have our next batch of chicken stock on now!
I also spent some time catching up with Cammy and Sarel from Ambersky Farm last week, see the article with what we can expect from them this Summer and some pics from the farm.
There is still time to get orders in for today – before 12pm and we’ll see you this afternoon.
Otherwise, just pop in to Cambridge Road and we’ll see you there.
Your gabby friend in the Jozi Real Food Revolution…


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