Artisinal Sourdough Bread and Patisserie De Paris

Sourdough Loaf

Sourdough Loaf

Sourdough Bread and Patisserie De Paris

Sourdough as far as I’m concerned is probably the healthiest way you can eat wheat. It’s an ancient process that uses wild yeast to make a culture that breaks the gluten down over days. A good sourdough will not contain any additives or preservatives so it’s true, real food for me.
With most people nowadays used to the consistency of conventional bread that contains page loads of chemical additives to preserve it’s freshness, to mask it’s demise, to soften the wheat to a fluffy texture with softeners, to bleach it white and I could go on, people take a while to get used to traditional bread which will always be firmer, you won’t be able to easily wolf down 4 slices like you can with the concoction of chemicals that make up conventional conveyor belt bread, it’s dense, it’s full of flavour and more nutritious obviously.
A good bread artisan will be extremely fussy about his flour and will use organic stoneground unbleached flour.
The sourdough baker we have chosen is the best we have in Jozi, we believe. We’ve taken off the full loaves as they weren’t so popular and rather had him slice them up and freeze them for you. The reason for this is because we find that few families will eat a sourdough loaf in one or two days and it gets hard very quickly. This is what happens to real food when you don’t bleach it and add fabric softeners!
If we slice it up and freeze it for you, then you can literally just pop out slices as and when you need them. We think this is probably a better solution for the modern family. Let us know. You can find it under Bread/Sourdough on the store…
Please note that the loaf is 90% Eureka Stoneground wheat flour and 10% Eureka Rye – the only other ingredients are nature’s choice sunflower and pumpkin seeds, Oryx Kalahari salt and spring water.
Paul Zwick is the owner of the exclusive French bakery and patisserie, Patisserie de Paris, based in Johannesburg. Paul studied the craft of French pastry making and bread production in France for four years from 2007 – 2011. He attended the International Culinary Academy in Cap d’Agde and graduated from the world’s most renowned cooking school, The Cordon Bleu School in Paris. He interned in the pastry department at two Michelin-starred restaurants in Nice and Lyon. He also studied under an award-winning Master Baker in Beziers and was mentored by the pastry chef of the prestigious Four Seasons George V Hotel in Paris, a three star Michelin establishment.
Today, Patisserie de Paris has an outlet at the Bryanston Organic and Natural Market and presents a full range of artisan crafted sourdough breads, traditional French pastries and a comprehensive collection of viennoiserie. All products are created according to traditional techniques using only organic and natural ingredients avoiding preservatives, flavourants, shelf life extenders or artificial additives.
Patisserie de Paris (c)
All the breads are manufactured according to traditional sourdough methods. This involves the addition of three basic ingredients: FLOUR WATERSALT
A mother culture exists in a blend of Pure Rye Flour and Water mixed in a 100% hydration rate.
All flour:   Eureka Stone Ground Flour, Overberg, Western Cape.
Salt:           Oryx Desert Salt
Water:      Nestlé Pure Life Mineral Water
There are no preservatives, flavourants or colourants added to the bread dough. Furthermore, there is no shelf life extender, mould inhibitor (calcium propionate), soy flour, calcium carbonate, flour improver, mineral salt or vitamins added to the bread dough.
Allergens: Wheat, Gluten
The bread dough is never frozen and produced on the bakery premises.
The bread is mixed, fermented and baked in a production facility that utilises nuts.

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