Authentic Wood Fired Sourdough Artisan Bread

sourdough loaf
We sell 2 types of sourdough currently at Organic Emporium that we consider to be the best show case of great Jozi sourdough. We have the frozen and sliced loafs from Paris Patisserie – conveniently frozen and sliced so that you can only take out what you need and in 4 types, olive, pumpkin seed, mixed seed and sunflower.
Then we bring in fresh wood-fired sourdough loaves, that we don’t freeze and that are cooked in a traditional wood fire.
Some more information from the Culinary Artisan bakery that makes them:
Authentic Sourdough Artisan Bread
Our bread is made with only the basic ingredients needed to make bread; water, flour and salt. We use sourdough which takes about 3 days to prepare, a slow fermentation which results in a low GI bread that is easily digested.
Stone-milled flour is used, a natural way of milling flour so that you get the best quality flour from your grain. There are no preservatives, additives or improvers in our bread keeping it 100% authentic and natural.
The bread is well suited for consumers who have built up an allergy or intolerance towards normal shop brought bread.
Our bread is friendly to your digestive system. For severe gluten intolerant consumers, we have a 100% rye bread which tastes fantastic with honey.
What sets us apart is that we are one of the few artisan bakeries that use a traditional stone wood-fired oven. Our bread is also baked ONLY with sourdough, which creates natural yeasts, we do not use instant yeast like most bakeries.
We are very proud to say that our bread is baked in a La Panyol Stone Wood-Fired Oven, which is environmentally friendly and maximises the natural caremlization of the sugars created by the slow fermentation, taking bread back to its essence.
The shelf life of large loaves is two days, but once brought keeps for at least 4 days. Afterwards you can use the bread to make croutons or salads or soups, bruschetta or breadcrumbs. But we doubt that the bread would last this long in  household, consumers normally eat our product within 2 days of purchase because of it’s unique complex flavourful taste.
Our bread is suitable for freezing and is easy to reheat in an oven at 160 degrees Celsisu for 20

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