Back In Town, New Farmers Join The Revolution and Store News….


I’m back and it’s lovely to be sitting here at the back of this nutty and special little store on my chair chatting to you again.
To those of you new to this newsletter – I see we’ve had numerous new subscriptions since I’ve been away – ¬†I’ve been away on a 2 week trip around the Eastern Cape and Karoo regions learning everything I can about Karoo lamb, wild pork and spending good time with some great farmers trying to connect the best of them to the appreciative market we have in you.
Anyhow, my first hour back in store and the first telephone call I receive reminds me why this revolution in our relationship to food and nourishment is as critical as it is.
A lady called with a jingle jangle marketing song about some ‘great new dieting product’ that I simply must order! She said that a press release about it is going out shortly that will have my customers asking for this miracle product!
Admittedly irritated, I said ‘I think you are mistaken, my customers wouldn’t at all be interested in a product like this’. ‘But it is made from natural beans’, she said! I shot back with “My customers are far too educated to buy diet products, my customers are all eating great, real, organic and sustainably produced food from real farms – why on earth would you believe that they should need a product to make them diet”? I gave a hard time for a little longer until I felt my point was made.
Yes, the food revolution is indeed on and you can rest assured that if our work is done – together – then conveyor belt dieting products should be a thing of the past. For crying in a bucket. As if the fact that it contains some dried up beans makes any difference!
Just eat real food from great farms, kiss refined food goodbye and bit by bit you will be on the path to reclaiming health, a comfortable weight, a functioning immune system and a joyous relationship to great food. If I’m wrong and you all walk in asking for some fancy diet ‘product’ made with beans, I shall admit defeat and become an investment banker or stock broker but I won’t get it for you, ok? ! ūüôā
Let’s stop the stuff and nonsense – and just eat well. I’d say.
For those of you just wanting the store update – much to my absolute delight I walked in to see¬†certified organic oranges and pomegranates on the shelf. Hoo-blinking-ray! Finally some proper organic fruit, heaven knows we battle to get our hands on it so when we do, it just makes me so happy. We’ve still got an abundance of carrots, turnips, cocktail tomatoes and baby marrows.¬†
New greens from Aloe Dale will be in a bit later, we’re desperately waiting for Merryn – they are battling with greens though as you can imagine in these frosty conditions so the range gets very short towards the end of Winter and into Spring until the new Spring growth is ready.¬†
We’re fully stocked with¬†Harvey’s veldt reared beef, sirloin, ribeye, rump, mince and stewing packs and soft shin are in store¬†as well as the great slow cooking stewing cuts like¬†brisket, chuck and short rib¬†and the dry wors made only with Harvey’s grass fed beef, fat, himalayan salt, organic coriander and organic pepper.¬†
While we have organic oranges in stock, let me quickly share a recipe I’m using this evening for a sauce to go over some Karoo lamb chops. You could use this for anything really, it’s just a lovely reduction to use as a sauce for red meat cuts particularly.
125ml freshly squeezed orange juice, 60ml red wine vinegar, 50g raw honey, 1 star anise, 1 cinnamon stick Рput it all in a saucepan Рbring to the boil, turn the heat down and simmer for roughly 30 minutes until you have a thick, lovely reduction. I got this from an Ottolenghi cookbook РI usually use it over lamb cutlets over a bed of micro greens, some goats cheese and walnuts. Anyhow just something to try and ring the changes while organic oranges are in. 
I’ll write some more shortly particularly about my travels – there is fantastic wholly veldt reared on great Karoo shrub lamb out there. I have found 2 farms I would be really happy to endorse, put my name to and connect you too.
We have a little way to go to iron out logistics. We need to bring up a fair volume to make the distance work. I’m not in that league yet, with one store but I have another larger buying group with the guys who are cutting Harvey’s beef for us that are very keen to co-buy from great farms with me so we just need to cross some t’s and get the farmers ready to send the first load.
The moment we’re closer to finalising the first date to receive them, I’ll send you details about these great, great farms. I have never seen such incredible wild properly ‘free-range’, free range almost seems a ridiculous term to describe the vast regions that these lambs get to free roam around in wild, wild Karoo terrain. I can still barely believe what I saw in the deep Karoo – when you’ve been driving for 4 hours and haven’t seen a human being or car and you see lamb dotted through-out this terrain – you know you’ve found what you are looking for.
I definitely have found 2 farms that I want to support and endorse as Jozi Real Food lamb farms you can trust, just farming traditionally which to a Karoo farming means living off vast tracts of Karoo shrub. I’ll shout from the rooftops the moment we’re closer to finalising this, rest assured I’m obsessed with doing whatever I can to make this work and get our first order in. These are farmers that you can believe in. More detail on these to follow soon.
Similarly, I have wild pork – never mind ‘free range’ – a term I find mostly misleading and obscure – this pork is quite literally almost totally wild, their landscape so vast and incredible. It’s another great story, the pork is too lean for now with it being Winter and this being wild meat only reared on land by an organic purist who will not take short cuts to fatten his animals. ¬†We will need to get to Spring and to get their weight up before getting pork from this fantastic farm in Ficksburg is viable but it’s another arrangement we’re working on closing out for you. It will be great to have another great pastured pork farm option for you soon.
We’ll shortly also have in store dairy from a great farm I spent time on in Ficksburg – Green Goose organic dairy – Anneke is doing some great cheese that I’ll have in store shortly. These cows are well looked after on this great farm, Anneke and her husband Reuter who has the pigs, are organic purists who do things properly. The cows are wholly reared on grass. They bale excess grass in Summer to use through-out Winter and Anneke makes her cheeses from this. I’ll send the story about this farm shortly and you’ll be able to buy her famous Ficksburger, asiago with cumin, fine family and other varieties.
I’d best get this off for now for those of you who are wanting the reminder to place an online order for delivery – still half an hour to go for today’s cut-off and Sam will see you this afternoon.
To those of you new to the online service –¬†orders in before 12pm, will be delivered the same afternoon – if your order comes in after 12pm – Sam will see you the following afternoon.¬†
If you want to book stock and have it packed for you – you can place an order online – choose ‘collect’ at checkout and then Cassandra will pack it up for you and you can just dash into the store and collect it.¬†
Otherwise just come see us in store at shop 31b by the new rooftop parking on the Sorbet side – Bryanston Shopping Centre.
Excuse the looney freezers awkwardly sitting in the middle of the aisle, we lost our storage space while I was away and are desperately waiting for new space to become available in the center which will only be at the end of the month.
Lovely chatting to you again.
Onwards and Upwards with The Jozi Real Food Revolution,

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