Beatrix Mountain Goat Dairy Farm: my most favorite goat farm in the country

Beatrix Mountain Goat Dairy Farm: my most favorite goat farm in the country
This is without doubt my most favorite goat farm in the country. My only difficulty with it is that when I describe it, it sounds too idyllic to be true, almost suspicious because it is so out of this world true to old fashioned, traditional goat farming.
If you follow Beatrix Dairy Goat Diaries on Facebook and get the incredible farmer Barry’s pictures of the daily goings on, you’ll see what I mean.
I will never quite forget my first trip there, being a part of the daily mountain walk with the goats and their shepherd, Barry Sergeant. It was hours in the fresh morning walking very content goats up the mountains watching them nibbling on fynbos through-out before the final trek home.
I stopped in again earlier this year on my way through to the Karoo to catch up with Aldersyde Farm and the farm has just gotten even more absurdly magical. There are now sheep with the goats, wild horses, shepherds on horseback herding the animals. Fields of oats planted to feed lactating goats for spring which the latest photos on Facebook show you them now nibbling on.
No supplement feed, no antibiotics, no growth promoters, no nonsense – the rich milk coming from the most pristine and healthiest diet for goats and we know that is all in the milk.
Then we spent some time in the dairy with Barry looking at the cheese making process.
There is no other goats cheese that beats this. Barry is focused on doing raw French style cheeses and they are all exquisite in their own way and all raw which means all the right probiotics are rich within them and that the health of their diet, the variety of fynbos and the vitamins and minerals that contains remains alive in the dairy.
I wish that we had a cheese counter for this cheese. It’s almost sacrilege to sell it packaged this way as this is cheese that needs to be tasted to get the experience of it and in my perfect world, we’d have whole cheeses in store and would cut fresh for you. This store is too small but as you know we’re on the hunt for a larger place and that’ll be what we do when we have it.
For now though you’ll find a range of his cheeses in the dairy section – what I believe to be the healthiest goats cheese because of the way these goats are raised and their diet.
There is no way of comparing the milk from goats in pens eating pellets to these goats. Goats that do what goats most love doing – climbing hills and mountains – in this case the Witteberge mountains in Ficksburg and nibbling and munching on wild fynbos as they go, which they do.
This farming is in a league of its own and if you haven’t yet tried one of these cheeses, I’d highly, highly recommend it. All the cheeses are creamy and soft, not sharp but rather distinct and they’re going to make summer salads crazy delicious, pairing so well with just about anything.
We will start having more tasters out on the cheese range – featuring a different one every week and you’ll see them feature much in the recipes for summer and in our ready to go salad jars too.

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