Bread and Lamb and a New Mash Recipe To Try..

carrot mash
Just a quick one to let you know, new fresh lamb in right now from Karoo Meat of Origin, and newwarm sourdough loaves – in as we speak, smell tormenting me as per usual.
I’ve got a jar of almond butter on my desk that I picked up recently and want to see if we can get in, it’s gorgeous and in my mind I’m slathering it on the sourdough with the honey spread from the Honey Bear and the idea is driving me crazy.
Yesterday, I put a thick layer of Blue Sky chilli olive tapenade on some white sourdough with Mandy’s butter and some of Aloe Dale’s blood sorrel which is a bitter, lemony sort of herb – it was so beautiful…best I start running again soon with this daily bread in my world!
Anyway – it’s in, it’s warm – there are white loaves, country which is a mix of white, rye and wholemeal flour and then 100% rye – all sourdough – so fermented pre-digested so to speak gluten from stoneground, unbleached flour – and spring water and wild yeast from the air – love – some attention – a wood fire- that’s all.
While I’m making myself drool thinking about the joy of eating real food from great farms, we had this for supper last night with some roast lamb and it was gorgeous – just a mash of carrots and sweet potatoes, rosemary and a touch coconut milk. Either pre-steam some carrots and sweet potatoes with a sprig of rosemary and then simply mash either with Mandy’s butter and cream, or if you don’t cope with dairy, use coconut milk. Or roast chunks of carrots and sweet potatoes either in olive or coconut oil with rosemary, first and then mash that with Mandy’s cream and butter or coconut milk. You’re in for a treat either way.
I don’t know why we only mash potatoes when other root vegetables make for amazing mash?
I need to run – I’ve repeated a blog article talking about Karoo Meat of Origin lamb and why it’s such a big deal for those who are new to it or just to refresh your memory…
Goat milking season should start soon. I’m going to try and get us in some other goat cheeses like camembert and brie (amazing) from one of my favourite goat farms in SA, Belnori…let me know if you’re keen…Goat Peter usually starts up production again towards end of September, early October, depending on when the goat’s breeding and milking season starts again.
I’m ordering in some macadamia butters too soon, just a small order as many of you are asking for them, I’ll scream when they are in.
We will have new stock of Keith Harvey’s beef on Monday next week. We’ll make biltong with that batch too, so it’ll be in next week..
New stock in of Mandy’s chicken hopefully end of this week or early next….
Drop me a line to let me know how you are finding the quality of the produce at the moment…
Have a beautiful day…
Warmest Regards, Debbie

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