Catawba Grapes This Week

We’ve got catawba indigenous grapes this week for you. These are not table grapes necessarily. These are the grapes you ate off your friend’s vines in leafy suburbs in your childhood. Some of them are sour, some have that incredible grape taste that I associate with growing up at least. Almost everybody whose tasted them exclaims ‘oh I remember these from when I was a kid’…see them up this week under ‘Fruit’.
I love the dearly but they’re not for everyone, they’ve got thick skins and you kind of just pop the flesh off in your mouth, the skin is a little bitter but I think you get beautifully rewarded for your efforts by a very grapey sweet taste thereafter.
Try them and let me know. They’re locally grown in Chartwell. Local is a very big deal, it means you’re eating fruit that last left the soil within 20km’s of your house. From an carbon footprint point of view, that’s fantastic. From a fresh and taste point of view, that’s also fantastic – less time to lose nutrients in transit and remember, these will only get picked for you on Thursday morning so they will be less than a day off the vine by the time you get them.
Enjoy and let me know…