Celebrate Green Bean Season With These Ideas..

Green Beans

Green Beans

Green beans are seasonal at the moment. I must admit that I’ve never been very keen on them and have only recently realised just how ignorant I’ve been. If you, like me, only associated green beans with boiled green boredom there’s a whole new world out there. I had the most incredible warm green bean salad the other night. It was from beans picked straight from my garden which just added to the feel good experience of it, eating seasonal produce that is grown right outside my  kitchen door is one of my greatest pleasures.
Whatever we can’t grow, we buy organically so that I know it’s going to be the same quality and is grown in the same unadulterated way.
Anyhow, this salad made me fall in love with green beans for the first time. The inspiration came from the book ‘A Week In The Kitchen’ by Karen Dudley. Joyce who has been working for us for 12 years, has recently taken over looking after my kitchen garden while I’m here at working for the revolution – ! 🙂 – has been getting stuck into the kitchen trying out new recipes for us with seasonal produce. She found this one in Karen Dudleys book which I highly recommend, Karen runs a restaurant in Woodstock that I just have to visit someday, her cookbook comes from regular recipes made there and really helps you to easily make the most incredible dishes with mostly real whole ingredients.
Where she does use castor sugar or refined sugar in recipes, we just convert to a more whole sweetener like raw honey, organic maple syrup or coconut sugar – just swap out that ingredient for a healthier alternative and you’ll get a lot out of this cookbook.
So this is her green bean salad recipe that was just lip smackingly tasty, mouth for mouth, I couldn’t get over how it all worked together. We’ve made a couple of small alterations just by using honey in the vinaigrette instead of castor sugar. Try it and enjoy.
There are so many things you can do to make green beans delectable.
Tarryn was saying this morning that she just crushes raw garlic through hers once they’re lightly boiled and tosses with olive oil, salt and pepper, I haven’t done that before but it’s a jolly good idea to start including raw garlic in anything you can with Winter approaching. It’s a natural antibiotic as is ginger. We’re starting to add ginger again to our green juices to just perk up our immune systems for flu season, I’d put raw garlic in them too if it didn’t mean risking social isolation.
Mandy’s butter from grass-fed cows tossed through some warm beans alone with a bit of salt would be beautiful on its on. Maybe add some warmed cocktail tomatoes while they’re in season.
Toasted sesame seeds and nuts also work beautifully with green beans as does feta and stronger goat’s cheeses if your’e that inclined?
Let us know what you do with your green beans to make them fantastic and do try this recipe…it’s just right for Autumn, not too hot, not too cold…just a slow slide into Winter…

Warm Green Bean Salad

  • 400g-500g Green Beans
  • 1/2 cup vinaigrette (shake up 1Tb dijon mustard, 1 clove crushed garlic, 1Tb honey, 4 Tb White Wine Vinegar, 8Tb Olive Oil, Sea Salt and a pinch of white pepper)
  • 1 Small Red or White Onion Diced
  • 2Tsps Italian Parsley – chopped
  • 2 Farm fresh Free Range Hard boiled eggs – roughly chopped – we used Mandys of course
  • Maldon salt and pepper

Put some water on to boil. Top and tail the beans and then blanch them in the water for 4-5 minutes. Drain and cool slightly. Toss through the warm beans with the vinaigrette. Arrange the beans on a serving platter, sprinkle with the onion and parsley, garnish with the egg and crack over some black pepper.
Even your children will love this – I promise and if you’re next in the Woodstock area, do make a visit past ‘The Kitchen’ and pop me a mail to let me know how it was, a photograph even better!

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