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So we are into week 2 of our new service and if I said that it has been overwhelming, I’d be accused of something I often accuse my husband of doing – minimizing the real extent of something. It’s been more than overwhelming.
I have made a commitment to start the ball rolling to create a food revolution in Jozi. By connecting all of the players who are already revolutionizing the way we eat in this city of ours into a vibrant community.
I have a large dream of connecting more of us to real farms so that we all tapped into the healing power of the soil that births us. No life exists without soil; there is healing and transformative power involved in connecting to the cycle of life through food and the nutrition that sustains your life through it. It’s sacred turf and every time I get a mail from somebody who has just discovered the power in cooking consciously with food that you are consciously connected to, I’m delighted.
So launching this 5-day service and the beginning of the Jozi Real Food Revolution took some courage because as with any meaningful creation, there are a host of risks to take. I was willing to do so.
We did and then ever since – every conceivable obstacle that could present – has!
From the caddi breaking down in a LARGE way, to Sam losing his father this weekend, to one of our packers being badly beaten and unable to work, to being threatened on the property by our local schizophrenic hobo – who has of course – taken to wandering onto the property only since we launched. That ended up in having to call the police to remove him – just the kind of scene you want to deal with in the middle of the launch of a revolution of course! And I’m only getting started on the challenges we’ve had since it begun.
I’m curious about that. Why does this often happen? Why did all these peculiar things happen in one go, right as we set out with our new service?
The common sort of response to a question like this, I’m mostly getting is that ‘it’s a test of your commitment’ and I usually accept that and sort of believe it but this time, after much soul searching, I believe something a fraction different. It’s quite similar but has a different texture and I thought I’d share it and ask you what you think?
I think that when you set an intention and create a vision – the universe – God – whatever you would like to call the intelligence that informs life’s creation – is always on your side and will create the perfect conditions for you to create that which you believe is real and that which you desire.
That, for me is what is truly meant by ‘you create your own reality’. If I look at it from that point of view – and I look at everything that has gone wrong from that perspective – everything that hasn’t worked suddenly makes sense. If I want to lead a revolution so to speak and want it to work, I would need to be a certain type of person and I have some limitations that might trip me up here. I’ve had to face them and interact with some of my weaknesses over the past week and a half.
One of them is the fact that in the past I’ve taken any challenge to be evidence of incompetence. I take it too personally. If something goes wrong, the feeling is sort of like ‘it’s my fault’, rather than ‘it’s just a hiccup or just a challenge’. When things go wrong, because it so desperately impacts my self-esteem, I panic and flap and get quickly overwhelmed. We all do that when our sense of self is being threatened, right?
When I get overwhelmed, I freeze, panic, a committee of negativity takes over in my head and I get super stressed. Super stressed = super ineffective. Not exactly, a great cycle to get trapped into, if you want to be involved in a revolution, you’d agree?
So, to my mind – the fact that everything that could go wrong, has gone wrong to make this a jerky start, is actually an opportunity presented to overcome MY OWN limitation, which is how I deal with stress. Every time something has gone wrong, I have had no choice but to breathe deep, deal with it, not collapse, not get too stressed, and focus on one thing at a time and just forge on. That is has me in touch with a new capacity to manage the stress of change and step into the person I need to be to play a larger game. I’ve still got a way to go but I know now where to focus.
Could it be that everything that is currently challenging you is doing so to develop you into the person you need to be to step into the larger vision and dream YOU have created and visioned for yourself? Could it be that when it looks like everything is going wrong, actually the opposite is happening and everything that presents is perfectly presenting to grow what is necessary so that you can have what you want?
Could it be that if you aren’t being challenged, rather than it being a sign that all is well, it could mean that you have settled for a smaller vision when there’s actually so much more out there?
Is that what ‘you create your own reality’ really means? I think so – I do believe that everything that happens to us is only a mirror reflecting back what we believe about the world, which is why we all react so differently so the same stimulus.
I hope I’m making sense; I’m battling a bit to put this into words.
Thank you for being a part of this incredible journey with me.
Let’s eat, Let’s Cook, Let’s Stay Committed To The Jozi Real Food Revolution.
Have a gorgeous day trusting that everything that happens is designed to enable your growth so that you can step into a larger, broader , deeper and more beautiful life…
The great news is that since we started this, we’ve had so many new amazing farms approach us. We’ll have Karoo lamb shortly from lambs only eating on indigenous Karoo veldt, shrubs and herbs and audited to ensure it is what it is.
Kalahari 100% Grass Fed Beef is finally where we want it to be, we’ve got the right people involved in cutting, aging and packing it, the steaks are the most tender they’ve ever been.
We’ve got a great new farm that wants to offer venison from a very special farm in Zastron.
All we need to make this feasible is a large buying community so that it is feasible to buy from these farms and make it worth their while to do the trip.
Shortly we’ll be bringing you a fantastic bread, real bread, make the traditional way without all the nonsense. I promise that this is going to be a great ride. So much is lining up behind the scenes that is going to connect you to more and more fantastic farmers and food craftsmen…
Please recruit more and more people to the Jozi Real Food Revolution to try our service and keep this momentum going so that we can keep these farmers farming this way.
It’s been lovely chatting to you as always, let me get back into it…and treasure the last few weeks of Autumn cooking…

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