Connection, Chicken and Gnocchi…


Hello There!
I’m sorry I haven’t written this week yet.
All truth told, my energy hasn’t been that great of late.  I battle to write when I’m unhappy. That said, if I only write to you when I’m bouncing off the walls with joy and purpose, it doesn’t say all that much for the authenticity of our relationship, does it? Sometimes being real is more valuable for connection than being attractive and inspirational and being real is just about the one thing I can never fail at and neither can you:)
I’ve had some heavy things to deal with of late (don’t worry the tone of this will pick up I promise) and have gotten a touch de-motivated at how tall this task, of this business, has been. Frazzled wreck might best describe the space I’ve been in. I heard myself saying something absolutely awful to my husband some evening this week after a particularly upsetting day, I said  from a very dejected place, ‘I think this journey has cost too much. It’s cost too much financially, emotionally and practically and I’m tired and it doesn’t make sense to carry on.’
My husband, the clever bean he is, changed the direction of my downward spiralling narrative to asking something related to one of my favourite farmers of this entire journey – Keith Harvey. So he got me talking about Keith and about the grass-fed beef and how I finally feel like we’re getting somewhere with it and the next minute my energy was back up in the room. He turned to me and said ‘look at what happens to you when you return to your passion and focus on the farms’. I was joyful again, I was speaking with conviction again, my mood was back in it up and in the room.
My passion for great farmers and great food will always bring me home.
When I stop and remember why we are here and I connect to the bigger picture and I think of the great farms behind this food revolution, I connect back to the greatest source of energy I know and that’s the passion I have for the cause. It’ll get me through the stuff and nonsense of building a business and the challenges and upsets that occur along the way.
So there we are. I’m here, with you, to change the way we relate to food and to connect us to the best and most sustainable farms in South Africa so that we can heal our planet, our souls and our emotional and physical selves while nourishing ourselves with the tastiest food.
I will carry on fighting for this landscape. Thank you for doing this with us.
I’ve had 2 great meetings this morning that have also helped – I’ll be off to a very special farm in a Karoo town shortly who are hoping to supply us with great true Karoo veldt reared lamb. I know it’s been tough that we haven’t had lamb for so long. I’m looking for something to believe in though and I want one relationship with one farm that we can connect to and that inspires me as much as Keith Harvey does on the beef side. If its less than that and I can’t meet a real farmer behind the scenes, I just can’t pursue it. This is an exciting farm though with a great history behind it for farming in one of the best lamb regions in the Karoo and I have a feeling in my bones that this is the special farm we’ve been waiting for. Hang tight, I’ll be there in the 2nd week of July and will check it all out for you.
The other meeting was about organic salmon – truly – I can’t say more yet but watch this space.
I don’t have a chicken farm I can believe in right now other than The Free Range Food Company and their large, whole chickens that we get from time to time that you just love.
Sam went to fetch them this morning and they’re in store. We only get them for 1 week out of every 10 before the next are ready so get your orders in now if you want them set aside for you or come see us in store.
Other news for the week is that we’re getting the best feedback on the gnocchi. It’s such a great, quick fix for children – you literally just boil water and salt – throw in the gnocchi from frozen – wait for them to swim to the surface – take them out, serve with some butter and happy children. If you haven’t tried them yet – you might want to make them to go with roast chicken:)
I need to fly off for another meeting, I will write again tomorrow from a less harried place, I just couldn’t leave it another day without connecting.
I know this hasn’t been my finest newsletter but it’s been real.
Onwards and Upwards with The Jozi Real Food Revolution,
Love as always, Debbie

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