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Phew….it’s been a busy day…
We got stock in today of free-range chicken from Croft Farm in the Midlands.
We realize that we need a second supplier while Mandy is growing our next batch so that there aren’t long lapses in stock and Croft Farm chicken has a great reputation so I’m happy to bring you this asanother option. I ‘d love it if you get to know and learn the farms, once we have more and more farms on board, you can start to learn which ones you most resonate with or prefer. I’ll organize the products in the store under Farm’s names so that you can choose. So under free-range chicken, you’ll now see Mandy’s farm – Mooberry and Croft chicken. They aren’t the same, both have exceptional free range conditions but the feed is different.

Croft farm is a free-range chicken farm with great space and living conditions for the chickens. The feed is a standard supplement feed though, it isn’t using home grown sprouts and worms in the sense that Mandy’s is. Mandy’s shortly will be the only chicken farm I know of that has managed to get gm grain out of the chicken’s diet altogether and raises them on pasture alone, a very difficult feat. 

The Croft farm feed is free of antibiotics and growth stimulants. For more information have a look
Shortly, we will offer both as options so if the feed is important to you, you’ll have Mandy’s local chicken available which shortly will be 100% gm input and grain free or if you can choose Croft farm that is standard feed includes grain but is free range and obviously also hormone and antibiotic free.
Try it and let me know. 
New stock of Kalahari 100% Grass Fed beef straight off Keith Harvey’s farm arrived today. I’m silly excited. The first thing I do when this happens is run to check the steak, I can tell from looking at it what the veldt is doing and when I see a deep red colour and yellow fat, I’m told a story of rich veldt and alot of beta carotene in the grass and I’m super excited. I know it’s brimming with omega 3’s and CLA and I feel great.
I can’t express enough how rare 100% veldt reared, wholly grass fed beef from an unspoilt region like this, is. It’s rare treasure and it’s a superfood in my opinion.
This all came in rather late today though, so Sam has offered to do deliveries tomorrow. 
If you place an order now or up until 12pm tomorrow afternoon – Sam will be doing home deliveries tomorrow.
If you’d like to organize to collect, he said to please call him on his cell – 073 313 2707 – then he can arrange to get back and meet you in between deliveries. I can’t be here tomorrow unfortunately for collections as it’s my daugther’s 7th birthday – I’ll be dealing with a bunch of madams and their parents…but Sam is happy to help:)
It’s this attitude that makes us love him! 
So that’s it, the beef looks fantastic, the new chicken is exciting…
If you need stock of this for the week-end, place your orders now and Sam will see you tomorrow..
Have a wonderful week-end. 
My daughter’s birthday cake is another organic creation from Junipas, colorant and preservative free and they’re using beetroot colorant for where it needs pink icing, organic chocolate and Mandy’s butter…oh and stone ground flour so I’m super excited and will send you some pictures on Monday….
Right, time to shut up and crack on, I’ve stil got heaps of admin to get through before I can start this week-end…
Warmest, warmest, warmest Regards, Debbie
Yours in the Jozi Real Food Revolution,
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