Death by coffee

New product I’m loving: Death by coffee

Those of you in the food activist world know Rushka Johnson well, she is the leader behind the South African chapter of the March Against Monsanto marches and the campaign asking for supermarkets to remove Roundup from shelves. She is sourcing organic and fair trade coffee beans and has started a gorgeous roastery with a name to match her tendency towards using humor to deal with the more serious issues she fights as an activist –  from her organic farm in PE – called ‘Death By Coffee’.  
We have her first batch in store of roasted Uganda and Rwanda beans and a ground version of both. Being Rushka, she of course is serious and fussy about choosing beans from farms that she knows are farming truly organically and ethically, why it’s a joy to be able to get this from her, dealing with people who deal in trust is what this journey is all about and what separates the wheat from the chafe in this space.
I am supremely fussy about coffee. The fussiest person I know. I don’t believe that coffee is bad for you. I wouldn’t attempt to live without it and I take it black and strong. I’m like that kind of coffee crazy. I’m not interested in any type of sweetener or creamer – the unadulterated taste of coffee is what I’m looking for. I get fall down despondent if coffee beans are burnt by machines set too hot that render the taste to nothing more than hot bath water and my daughter accuses me of having to send coffee back more often that I can ever accept it.  Coffee has to be right – and it must be good. Or not at all. So I react immediately to a good coffee bean when I find it.
This coffee is incredible. It’s a very bold, clear coffee taste – nothing makes me more miserable than an undefined coffee. Coffee should never be ‘vague’ in what it tells you about itself.  It should always announce itself with the candor of a Sagittarian – clear – bullish – in your face emphatic.
It is rich and full bodied and the smell of the beans is just an absolute pleasure. I always order my coffee beans in 1kg bags that I decant into a glass jar in my kitchen as I like to grind beans as my wake up ritual every morning.  We can order 1kg bags if you would like us too (let us know). In the meantime try out the 250g bags of beans and if you love it as much as I do – we’ll get the 1kg bags in for you.
If you love coffee and are buying it ground, I’m going to urge you to buy a coffee grinder.  Man, it is worth it. It takes less than a minute to just throw some beans in your grinder in the morning and ground it yourself, much longer shelf life, smell and taste satisfaction. It has become such a part of my morning ritual and like all rituals, it fills me with a sense of something important, the way I bring myself into the day.
You can buy small coffee grinders in most household stores and they can be used for so many great things like grinding your pumpkin seeds or nuts or other good seed blends to make good herbal teas. I use it to grind coffee, grind pumpkin seeds (for tea -excellent mineral addition and protection against stomach parasites) and liver detox seed blends like nettle, dandelion and milk thistle.
Anyhow, meet Rushka again, through the Death by Coffee range of a small family run roastery using organic and ethically sourced beans, from a woman who spends her life fighting for the voice of the environment – it’s in-store now.

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