Effective Micro-Organisms and Thomas Linder’s Probiotic

Authentic EMI based on technology developed by EMRO Japan.
Interviewing Thomas Linder’s on this probiotic solution was a fascinating experience. I battled to work out how I was going to adequately convey how elegantly he is able to say things that from anybody else might come across esoteric, yet from him, a well-respected scientist in his field, absolutely don’t.
Listening to Thomas describe what we might previously have thought of as esoteric concepts, like the interconnectedness of all things, the energetic imprint and influence of all life and how water holds emotional energy – that has him using Tri-vortex sound technology to prepare the water that he uses to make up the probiotic so that it sets into a perfect crystalline structure – with science as his reference point, was a firmly felt spiritual experience to be honest.

Any notion I had left that science is only a limited reductionist construct ended after spending time with Thomas.

This solution has its origins in this country amongst organic soil scientists who recognized how effectively this particular family of bacteria are at not only restoring natural balance to the complex universe of micro-organisms that make up soil, the bedrock of all life, but also their role in breaking down chemical compounds that aren’t meant to be there.
This particular family of bacteria have such synergistic strength that they have successfully evolved over 3.5 billion years. I was quite shocked when Thomas said that conditions on earth 3 billion years ago when this family started were particularly rough. ‘Rougher than now?  I asked incredulously, ‘much more’, he calmly replied. Bacteria had a lot to overcome to thrive all those years ago and what scientists now know is that their evolutionary strength is due to their synergy.
This is a strong family. Thomas, I note is emphatic about referring to the universe of bacteria as ‘family’ when he speaks of their grouping but after what I learnt about this particular group, I think of them more as a tribe, one of the strongest you want in your gut – all around you really. The fact that Thomas calls them a family and I a tribe probably also has something to do with the stark differences between usThomas is an exceptionally calm and at peace human, he exudes an energy of deep still, sense and tranquility, and possibly why he views the synergy of this microbiome as a strong synergistic family where I see it as a feisty warrior tribe because I’m prone to always fighting something.
How-ever you perceive this powerful colony, when it is in your world, it’s going to be clearing out and breaking down compounds and chemicals that shouldn’t be there and staying firmly in charge against rogue bacteria that aren’t good for you as much as restoring natural balance. This is the bedrock microbiome you want colonizing your own gut.
The stories I have been hearing in this store about how many ailments people have healed almost over night by introducing this probiotic have been nothing short of mind blowing. The latest from a woman who suffers from mercury poisoning which manifests as a terrible tick in her eye that can go on for weeks, which stopped within a day of her starting on it. From clearing up infections quickly to strengthening immunity at the rate of knots, it would all sound miraculous and too good to be true, until we understand why effective micro-organisms are as powerful as they are at restoring balance and natural harmony, not only for human health but wherever they are found in nature.
Effective micro-organisms – just another word really for a colony, family or tribe of synergistic bacteria – microbes that have survived since ancient times – is the most powerful probiotic we know of. This family have proved their worth over the test of time. It wouldn’t be a far stretch to believe – and I do – that they have a larger intelligence than we do. Perhaps it would be arrogant to not presume that – we’re a flash in the pan of existence compared to them, I do feel like I’m involved in some sacred connection when I invite their wisdom into my system knowing that I have one of the almightiest forces on my side.

The synergistic nature of this powerful colony of synergistic bacteria or micro-organisms was discovered by accident in Japan by a frustrated scientist.

Dr Teruo Higa, an Honorary Professor at Ryukus and Meio University in Okinawa Japan and president of the ‘International Institute of EM Technology™’, was working on studying beneficial microbes to improve natural environments in the 80’s. He was painstakingly researching one individual strain after the other for their effect on soil and not getting the results he wanted. As the legend goes, he had a Debbie Logan moment – lost his temper and threw them all out the window frustrated and at a point of haven given up. He just couldn’t understand why he wasn’t getting the results he believed in researching these individual strains, that he knew were powerful, but just weren’t working.
When he returned to the space, I’m sure after cooling off and getting some perspective, he came back and found that in the space where he had thrown all the bacteria together – a whole host of new life had grown and he had a Damascus moment.
He got back down onto his knees to get soil samples to see what had occurred and this is how he stumbled upon the knowledge that the bacteria didn’t work alone – but when he threw them all into the soil – they joined into a powerful family and an eco-system was restored. Much of his work since then has been dedicated to learning about this almighty microbiome and it is much due to this work that we now understand that bacteria aren’t powerful in isolation. They operate in synergy creating their own universe, now more commonly known as the microbiome.

EM1 – as this solution is now known is a liquid bacterial comprising of 3 groups of synergistic microbes – yeast, photosynthetic bacteria and lactic acid bacteria who then invite local and native beneficial microbes harnessing their intrinsic power which restores the balance of all-natural living systems. They invite host bacteria into their colony depending on the work that needs to be done.

Small amounts taken frequently will colonize your gut with the most powerful family of bacteria – there to destroy any harmful bacteria that shouldn’t be here as much as to speed up the breakdown and elimination of compounds and chemicals that equally shouldn’t. EM is so successful at not only restoring balance but also breaking down chemicals that it has been used to mop up radiation damage in Japan – both in humans and in soil. It literally scavenges it up and gets rid of it. I’ve heard accounts of people with radiation still in their bodies being wrapped in blankets soaked in this solution and it getting to work to break it down and restore.

Thomas Linders is a soil practitioner and permaculture farmer first and foremost, and restoring top soil for an organic soil practitioner is of paramount importance. He tells me that with EM they can re-build up an inch of new top soil in 10 years – which would ordinarily take 1000 years to build.

EM (effective microorganisms) creates a synergy among microorganisms and larger forms of life including insects & worms, pets & livestock and people.
Taken internally as a probiotic you’ll be re-colonizing your gut with the strongest microbiome on your side. It is going to improve immunity and de-toxification, these bacteria are endlessly at work getting rid of anything that shouldn’t be there and inviting in host organisms that should. They know what works – remember they have survived for 3.5 billion years because they have the recipe for the strongest family down pat.
When I first discovered the pure power of this formula – I was stuck in a chalet in the bush, after a rather ill planned farm trip with what looked like a bullet wound at the back of my leg. Long story short but I had a cut, and after a day of heat, traipsing around a farm in jeans and on the back of bakkies, it had become terribly infected. When we finally found accommodation at some uncivil time of night, on removing my jeans I was horrified at what that day had cost my injury which had become an open sore the size of a golf ball that had become infected and was in a bad way. I knew that I was going to need to get to a hospital in the morning, that it needed a serious antibiotic, attention and stitches. All I had with me in the bush was a bottle of the probiotic. Rather stressed and quite frankly traumatized at the size and nature of the wound, all I could do was soak some probiotic in cotton, put a plaster over the wound and attempt some sleep. When I woke up and removed the plaster the following morning – the infection was gone! All of the infected part had literally been eaten away and all that was left was raw flesh. Relieved, I wondered whether I could escape stitches by just continuing with the probiotic. I never did get stitches, I just carried on applying the probiotic topically – it didn’t just clear up the infection, but it also healed the skin to the point where I don’t even have a scar on a wound that they would have insisted needed stitches if I had gone to a hospital. It was 10cm’s in diameter and as deep.

The stories I am hearing of the effect this is having on people in-store just go on and on and what I’m excited about too is that this is relatively inexpensive compared to what people are paying for, for fancy bottles of single strain bacteria that are just going to flush out – bacteria have no strength in isolation – they thrive and work in community and synergy – and have much to teach us.

For gut health and to restore your own microbiome – start slowly – this tribe is powerful. If you start on a TB in warm water – you’re going to end up with a rather drastic introduction and some turbulence. They’re going to go to war with anything that isn’t supposed to be there. So, build up your doses. To start with – 1 tsp in a little bit of water, 3 times a day. Once the turmoil is over and your system settles you can go up to a TB and once this family is firmly entrenched in your world, there is no limit, Thomas says he just has them in water in the kitchen and they’ll grab some and drink whenever they walk past it.
There are so many applications for this, I can’t provide a comprehensive list but do use them on open wounds that are infected, it is used very successfully on skin disorders and especially acne as its going to get rid of bacteria that shouldn’t be there, it’s an incredible skin toner at that. If you have any sort of gastro disturbance, add it to a little warm water, it’ll clear up in no time, rundown immune systems you want this in your gut. Put a little into your pets drinking water, it’s going to get rid of parasites and keep them in tip top shape. At home I add it to the laundry water, floor cleaning water, and any solution where we clean, it just helps make sure bacteria that shouldn’t be in our environment is taken care of and is incredible for stain removal in clothes because it is going to eat away at the stain. I use it in our rain water tank and on our compost heap – what it does to speed up compost breakdown is incredible – the best garden I’ve ever had with the highest quality vegetables and soil health came after I discovered EM.
Add it to your bath water if you have any sort of infection and do keep this powerful army in your gut.

Thomas did some work too with a Tibetan Dr to see which other substances this family thrive well with and based on their experiments, moringa, marula and aloe vera have been added to this solution. Buddhist chants and mantras are chanted as the probiotic is prepared to further effect the water’s structure.

This probiotic is made up in small batches of no more than 100 liters at a time and based on the work by Masaru Emoto, who discovered that the structure of water is effected by sound and emotion, the water is prepared using Trivortex technology, a specialized sound application for natural health and environmental solutions. This allows it to set into a perfect crystalline structure which amplifies the balance in this solution and its harmony.

Thank you to Thomas Linders for making this available to our store, for the great lengths he goes to and energy that gets put into it and for bringing it to us in glass jars.

This probiotic known as the earth saving revolution is a powerful force of nature on your side, to bring it into your world is to literally invite a powerful and friendly universe – within.

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