Getting Ready For The Jozi Real Food Revolution

So after a long, gorgeous and lazy lunch I’m back at work getting ready for our new service launch tomorrow and getting the web-store to reflect everything that has come in for you. I’m excited.
This is the birth of the Jozi Real Food Revolution.
This is how Organic Emporium moves to Jozi Real Food, from tomorrow you can order everyday and we’ll be getting things in farm fresh, letting you know and moving it out to you.
My task for this evening is just to do more work cleaning out the backend and making the site reflect everything we have in right now. Technically, you can already place an order this evening and we’ll see you tomorrow afternoon.
We’ve got Kalahari 100% Grass Fed Steaks fresh in – aged, beautifully cut and packed and tender – it’s the best we’ve had Kalahari beef yet – we’ve got ribeye, rump, sirloin and fillet in right now as well as fresh organic produce – clementines, avocados, cherry tomatoes, sweet potatoes, brinjals, fresh herbs – rosemary – big bunches of coriander, spring onion tops – 3 new sourdough frozen and sliced loaves – olive, sundried tomato and pumpkin, pumpkins, those mini pumpkins you love…Ambersky Farm’s ready made meals made with organic ingredients – butternut soup, chicken korma, lamb, shephards pie…and more will be coming in tomorrow during the course of the day.
On the webstore now the exact amount of stock that is in is reflected, if we don’t have it in, it will say ‘0’, it stil looks a little messy with alot of things up that I need to clear off so let me get to it and kick on…see you tomorrow..if you’d like to place an order now – you are welcome and Sam will see you tomorrow afternoon. Cut off times for tomorrow afternoon deliveries is 12pm. Anything after that will get sent the following afternoon…let’s do this….Have a gorgeous evening, Warmest Regards and Much Love, Debbie x

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