Goodbye For Now, Rest in Joy and We'll See You In 2014….

merry christmas
So here we are at the final newsletter going out for 2013. 
Today is our last trading day, we will re-open on Monday the 13th January 2014, rested and ready to continue with the Jozi Real Food Revolution.
Please note that we will be shut for a couple of hours today for our Christmas lunch so if you would like us to deliver, please get your orders in by 11:00am today. 
The farm direct store will be closed between 11:45 and 2:15. 
Thank you another great year of support. Whilst we haven’t had a lot and have had a challenging year of supply constraints, you have continued to support the farmers that we do have selling the best sustainably farmed organic produce we have been able to get our hands on.
You have celebrated real farmers who farm humanely and with respect to all life, even though it wasn’t always convenient. You’ve seen us through so many learning curves and so much growth.
Next year, our focus is to spend more time getting you to know the farms that we endorse, making it more convenient to access their produce through us and increasing the variety of organic farm fresh produce and humanely reared pastured animal produce available.
Now that we have more administrative support and have the base of a physical store in place for you,  I will be going dotty next year to find more of these farms and bring their produce to you.
I’m always overcome with gratitude when I write the last mail for the year.
Thank you for all of your support, thank you for the momentum the Jozi Real Food Revolution gained this year through you. Meal by meal, choice by choice, we are making a difference. Change occurs with a series of tiny choices that add up.
We will get stronger, we will become more, this will get easier and we will see a greater culture emerge in Jozi for sustainably produced, humanely and ethically farmed, organic, and artisanal food.
With every purchase you took away from the feedlots and conveyor belts and spent rather with sustainable farmers who treat animals and soil with dignity and care, you strengthened them.
You have made a difference, you have been real and you’ve been conscious. 
Thank you for another great year.
Travel safe, love those you’re with and eat well.
Although it won’t be easy to find sustainable and organic food on holiday, let this be a time of reflection.
Please don’t upset families by getting neurotic about what you’re eating. ! 🙂
This isn’t the time, this is a time to let go and where you can’t access great nutrition, just focus more on the emotional nutrition that being at peace with the world brings.
We can get back to the activism next year. Just keep it real, lets not be at odds with the world.
We know  it is easier to access factory food than it is what we choose, but with committed focus, year on year, sustainably farmed organic and free range food will become more and more available.
Stay in the joy of it and remember that the moment we get neurotic and dogmatic, we create stress and emotional dis-ease which is counter productive to our mission to heal and stay complete and nourished from a place of gratitude, connection and joy.
Have a wonderful, wonderful Christmas and New Year. 
We’ll see you on the flip side….
Much love and gratitude, Debbie, Sam, Cassandra and Liberty.
At your service for and on behalf of ‘The Jozi Real Food Revolution’…..a vital co-creation with you.

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