Goodbye Madiba


With respect to our universal mourning today.
All Organic Emporium deliveries today will be free of charge.
Please choose ‘collect’ and write in the message box ‘Farewell Madiba’ and we will know to deliver.
I was supposed to be excitedly telling you about new apricots this morning.
Never in a million years did I think, I’d be sending out a goodbye message to the father of our nation.
You just never know what tomorrow is going to bring, it seems.
We have to make every hour count.
Much love to you all, Debbie
“It is still where you once were. People are pouring their love for you into the vast space your presence filled. Every beautiful word that came out of your mouth, expressions from an en-heartened and enlightened soul, is now being lovingly remembered. Now that you’ve moved on, the significance of every last word you uttered is born again. How extraordinary to have lived a life so powerful that you were able to affect the fabric of other peoples souls without having met them. I can’t think of one person who doesn’t connect with a feeling of instant love and instant gratitude when they think of you. Even the most hardened. Even in your death you unite people in love all around the world. No matter our differences, we all loved you. We will always love you. No greater example have I known, than through your life, of the power of transformation that is unleashed when a life is lived dictated by hope and not fear. Whenever I think of you from here on, I shall use your memory to remind me of this. Rest in peace you beautiful beautiful soul. After a legacy of shame, you taught us to be proud. We had you so we realized that we must indeed be special, farewell, only for a moment.” X

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