Happy Valentines Day

Happy Valentines Day Dear Jozi Real Food Revolution Hearts.
I’m reflecting today on the fact that I was once told that there was ‘too much heart’ in my business. At the time it was directed as criticism but I know that this is Organic Emporium’s greatest strength.
An authentic food revolution is no more and no less about connection to heart. It isn’t sense and logic and science that makes the planet infinitely able to create new growth. It is an infinite intelligence that creates an ongoing cycle of nourishment where there is no real death, only endless transformation of old into new, death & rebirth.
To be connected to nature’s unyielding support of our life through our food, is to be connected to love. It isn’t difficult to know that you are loved and supported by an energy larger than yourself and with more wisdom than we may ever comprehend when you witness all the elements conspire to support a seed grow into a plant that feeds.
When we eat food in a way that acknowledges this cycle through farmers who act as the most loving & responsible custodians of Mother Earths loving process of creation, we connect to love. As the wholesome goodness of this nourishes us and we nourish the earth back by eating in a way that supports the earth and not harm we re-connect to our place in the cycle of the beautiful and miraculous process of life.
We lost that connection when we devalued nature and the intelligence of heart and turned to the logic and efficiency of science, business and industry. Nature was pushed aside, devalued and exploited when industry and corporations took over our connection to food. We became soulless, heartless and superbly efficient as we ate out of boxes and farms became factories and modern agriculture dependent on chemicals pushed out efficient volumes of food that tastes dead. We also became ill.
This food revolution that I wake up to serve everyday is about the re-connection to valuing the earth and the infinite loving intelligence of life and our place in it where every mouthful of food we eat lovingly and unconditionally given to us by the earth nourishes us. This is entirely a journey of heart, love and connection.
I don’t much run a ‘business’, I serve love, heart and connection first. The numbers and logic will always be a secondary consideration because there is no sense or meaning in a world without connection to heart. This is a new way and the food revolution is one of the many journeys we are taking back to. valuing heart over head. There can never be too much heart, too much love or too much connection.
We seem to suffer more when there is too much head.
There is much logic in the volumes and numbers story of business and industrial food. If it comes at the cost of our connection to heart and soul, we lose a magic in our living that all the riches in the world cannot make up for.
So my Valentines Day message for this special community is to stay close to, honor and nurture any and every place, person, act, relationship and interaction that opens up your heart and connects you to your own great capacity to love.
When your heart opens and smiles you are in the right place. Much love to you on your own heart-felt journey to connect more and more to the larger logic of heart and soul. Connection to heart by its very definition is a connection to nourishment.
My head is more than capable of finding solutions to life’s challenges, it’s my heart though that informs me and yes there is heart in this business. Not too much, never too much. Let your heart be your leader and you’ll have nothing to lose because you’ll be connected to a source of eternal love that you can never lose.
Happy Valentines Day. Debbie Logan.

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