Happy Womans Day, We're Open and Kalahari 100% Grass Fed Beef Has Arrived.. .

Happy Womans Day

Happy Womans Day

A Warm and Nourishing Happy Woman’s Day to all of the incredible woman that read these newsletters and are actively making effort to nourish the planet, as women do so well. 🙂

My wish for you today is deep emotional, physical and spiritual nourishment and to know that in order to continue to provide the nourishment that you do for your family and children, you absolutely first have to nourish yourself. Everybody in your world needs a strongly nourished you and everybody benefits from you when you’re full to the brim with emotional, physical and spiritual fulfillment.
Don’t learn this lesson the hard way. Don’t wait until you burn out on everybody else’s needs before listening to the call of your own heart for nurturing. Don’t wait until you are snappy, tired, frazzled and bitter, fill your own cup until it runneth over. I know that most of us, are learning this to different degress and we’re all on a similar journey as woman with this lesson. Let’s give each other as sisters, for now and ever, the gift of permission to take care of ourselves first and foremost understanding that there is no stronger gift you can offer to this world than a full and strong you. Part of this nourishment means giving yourself the space to let your heart express itself and be heard.
I’m spending the afternoon at home today with my family , a fire, some good books, my favorite music, some great chocolate, a good bottle of red wine and an empty to-do list…heaven.
I think I might slow roast one of Ricky’s new pork roasts that came in yesterday, for supper. The last time I cooked one, I chopped up some sage leaves and garlic, crushed those into a paste with lemon rind, olive oil, lemon juice, salt and pepper and rubbed it onto the outside of the roast. Yvonne suggested yesterday adding some honey to that mixture – super yum and clever – anyway,  I put it in a roasting dish and poured some of my husband’s savannah ciders into the bottom of the pan and let it roast for 2 hours on around 180. It was delicious and there was a lovely lemony, ciderish, sagey gravy left at the bottom which I just heated in a pot later on and reduced with a bit of apple juice into a rich gravy. Try it? Let me know?
Don’t forget we are open today both for deliveries and collections. Sam is delivering this afternoon, Cassandra is here for you if you want to collect. I’ll be here until early afternoon.
The Kalahari 100% Grass Fed Beef has just arrived – your favorite rump, sirloin, fillet, ribeye, marrow bones and meaty bones are in stock.
If you want to get some in for the week-end, we are taking orders up until 1pm today for collections and cut off time for deliveries is 12:30. 
Warmest, warmest, warmest Regards, Debbie
Yours in the Jozi Real Food Revolution,
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