About Heirloom Corn

From Merryn at Aloe Dale about the heirloom corn in-store – “A little background on the corn I delivered this morning. Although the seed is sold as “Rainbow Sweet Inca Corn” and it is a beautiful multi-coloured corn, it was developed by Dr. Alan Kapuler (Google the name if you need reassurance as to what he stands for).
This sweet, colourful corn is wonderful cooked fresh, when the colours are still pale and it has a delicious real corn flavour.
This is the 3rd year I have grown this corn, it has produced consistently every year and I have found that it can be planted very soon after the last frost. In this way the ears are almost ready to start picking when other varieties in our area are only starting to flower, thus minimising risk of cross-pollination, although there are no commercial farms near us, one never knows for certain what someone may have planted in their back garden.
With young ears, such as I delivered, we usually just steam and munch with lashings of butter. They do require a bit more jaw work than Wensleydales sweet corn, but the flavour is worth it. As they get older we cut the kernels off the cob and add them to slower cooked dishes.
Mature ears are apparently great for grinding into flavourful flour, though I have yet to try this!”
Merryn, Aloedale

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