Karoo Half Lamb Boxes Are In…

Karoo Meat of Origin

Karoo Meat of Origin
Just a quick shout out on a blustery and busy day that the new lamb is in and the half lamb boxes are in…They go out very quickly so get your order in as soon as…
We have had to take off the Kalahari steaks this week as we aren’t happy with the quality of them.
They’re just a little too tough and not as flavourful with that beefy depth of texture associated with great grass-fed beef. This isn’t the best advertisement for what a good free range, grass fed beef steak should taste like. I’d rather pull them off when it’s not how it should be than risk tainting your experience of grass-fed beef, please bear with us.
Consistency in grass fed beef is a pipe dream unfortunately. The weather and condition of the veldt and grasses combined with the age and breed of the cattle and a host of other things that are beyond the control of a farmer when he leaves most work up to nature, mean that you can’t provide consistent quality as you can with factory meat. I’d rather deal with this problem than what we get with feedlot meat, nonetheless, it is frustrating.The demand for truly free-range chicken is currently in excess of what is available. Mandy is growing new chicks for us as we speak in larger volumes to meet with the increased demand.
We’re looking to create a network of small farms that can provide us with pastured chicken of this nature going into the future so that the calibre of farming is never compromised to meet the growing numbers of informed consumers.
The choked supply coming in sporadically will be a problem of the past 4 weeks from now when the new chickens are ready. Mandy is now staggering their growth so that we can provide them more consistently. We have literally experienced a 3 fold growth and it takes a small farm some time to make the changes necessary to meet this. More chicks have to be brought and then it takes them a good 10 – 12 weeks before they are ready. While this is happenign, we need to find an alternative farm, farms like these are rare. Please just know that we are working on it. We will have a new limited batch crossing thumbs by tomorrow otherwise Monday. They will be smaller than usual, as chickens just don’t grow to the same sizes when it’s cold.
I will send out a memo as soon as we have some more in.
Please remember to test out the Karoomeatoforigin.co.za site to enter your tracking number on the lamb and find out which farm supplied it.
I wish I could chat more but everything feels like it’s 3 days behind right now…
If any of you are due credits, I’m catching up with all that this morning.
I did try a new tomato soup recipe that I put on before work, it’s a slow cooker one – slow cooking is like religion to me in Winter…if it’s good tonight and I have a hunch it will be, I’ll send you the recipe tomorrow as well as general format for a good base for any soups for winter….just promise me you’ll get a slow cooker and start making stock? It’s the easiest thing in the world and the quickest way to boost your nutrition for winter, never mind add depth and the most intense flavouring to your stews and soups – without a chemical concontion of nasties like you get in boxed, factory stock…I’m gabbing…I’m late…chat soon….!

Warmest Wishes, Debbie
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