Karoo Meat Of Origin Half Lamb Boxes Mini Grapefruit and Radishes..

Certified Karoo Meat Of Origin

Certified Karoo Meat Of Origin

It’s a circus here today. Bongi, our new packer is sick again and Sam and I are juggling far too many balls but they appear to all be up in the air at least….
We’ve got a limited amount in of Karoo Meat Of Origin – Half Lamb boxes – very limited volumes, we didnt’ want to over order yet, we need to see whether this is something you’d want. It is obviously way more affordable to buy the lamb this way. The tracking number to the farm is on the outside of the box – go to www.karoomeatoforigin.co.za and punch it in to find out which farm it came from.
This is a frozen box of a whole leg, a shoulder roast, a rack of ribs, lamb kidneys, loin chops, neck chops, braai chops and a stew pack. 
Please note – since this writing, the boxes all sold out – we will have more back in next week and I’ll send out a newsflash the moment they are in. 
Once I get a feel for how well these will sell, I can start ordering the right volumes. If you’re keen – get your order in now as they are limited.
We’re getting fantastic feedback on this lamb. Your response to this farm to fork initiative has been fantastic and it has given me the confidence to order more.
This is how it works – as you respond – so I can respond to on this end and take larger risks with what we order. The more members you recruit to the Jozi Real Food Revolution through sharing the news of these special farms and what we can get from them, the more volume we can get from the farmer which helps ease the logistics, make it more feasible for the farmer and helps us get the pricing right. So please share our articles, talk about the service, it doesn’t work that the more that know, the less will be available, it’s exactly the opposite – the more people ordering – the easier it is for us to get more from farms like this, order enough to cover the transport costs and keep the farmer farming this way. The greater a community of organic and sustainable food buyers we have, the better the pricing will get in time too.
Secondly – Ambersky fresh vegetables have just come in. The radishes are the most beautiful I’ve ever seen. They, as well as the large kale bunches were literally picked this morning – unless you have your own farm and can pick radish as we speak – this is the freshest, you’ll get them. They have the leaves on. Ambersky stock code on the web starts with AF!
If you’re like me – you will want to juice them – the vitamin c boost from radishes is something we all need for our immune systems going into Winter…
Otherwise take these delectable delights – slice them finely into a bowl with a super sharp knife but preferably with a mandolin if you have one – drizzle over your best olive oil, a squeeze of lemon juice and some salt and pepper – that alone is utter heaven and a feast of antioxidants and vitamin c for your body – you can add anything to that salad base and it’s going to be gorgeous.
Also – as I’m speaking, we’ve just recevied a deilvery of mini grapefruits….I’ll load them up in a second – these are not as sour as the larger varieties, sweeter and this is seasonal indigenous citrus at it’s best….
Do yourself the grandest favour and try this – slice up the radishes into a gorgeous bowl- cut the mini grapefruit up into segments – olive oil – lemon or lime juice – salt and pepper – strips of kale and top with some goat’s chevre…

If that isn’t amazing and doesn’t delight your palette, then my name is not Debbie…
A limited amount of beautiful artichokes have just arrived to…and more…I’m out of time…and need to unpack them…
Have a gorgeous Autumn afternoon….
Yours in the Jozi Real Food Revolution,
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