Kazi Boutique Micro-Herb and Produce Farm

I arrived at Kazi Farm in a very peaceful frame of mind. Despite being in a fairly tumultuous period of my life at the moment filled with change, endings and new beginnings, I felt any tension I arrived there with, slipping off into the fields as I drove down one of the most beautiful country lanes to get to this very special farm.
There were butterflies, the eternal symbol for periods of mucky transition into growth – all over the roads, flitting about in splendour between the cosmos, flashes of purple and pink beauty just everywhere. I was thoroughly enchanted.
There was one particular tree, branches stretching over this pretty road that invited me to stop the engine, open the window and to just sit in the most incredible peace.
Kazi Farm is very, very pretty. It’s a little piece of heaven. It’s the softest, most tranquil farm with the richest, most beautiful soil I’ve yet seen.
Once I met the very gentle soul behind this farm, I got an inkling about how the interaction of all these special elements creates not only such a special farm but also some of the best micro-herbs and baby leaf mixes we’ve yet seen in the organic space.
This is not a certified organic farm and they don’t intend to go that route. It’s just a farm that likes to do things well and up until now has only been supplying the top restaurants in Johannesburg.
They make their own compost, they do not use pesticides or artificial fertilisers. If they ever have a need which Leoni Pearse says happens so infrequently, they’ll use an approved organic substance.
Herbs, micro-herbs and baby leaves need to be protected as they are so delicate – a series of tunnels protects them from the elements and keeps these luscious plants from the environment so that they reach us in tip-top condition.
Remember – the younger the plant, the more nutrition it contains. When you read green labels – remember that the younger are the shoots, after that they grow into small plants and you get micro-leaves, once they’re a touch older they become baby leaves, older a full grown plant. The taste profile of a micro spinach leaf for example is stronger than that of a baby spinach leaf which is stronger and more tender than a full grown spinach leaf. So they’re very special from a nutrient point of view too.
Leoni has agreed to just give us the best of what she has each week and we’ll leave it up to her expert discretion.
This week we have baby asian green mixes and baby salad greens.
They need nothing more than a touch of olive oil and balsamic – salt and pepper to be beautiful – add some shavings of your favourite cheese – even better but really you could put anything on them.

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