Keith's Beef Is Back In and A New Season…

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I’m so sorry for not being very chatty this week. The truth is that I haven’t had much spark in my system for a couple of weeks, I’ve felt uninspired, demotivated and lacking in confidence. To be real.
Supply has been tricky and my days have been full of dealing with practical issues for the moment, I’m not in the greatest of reflecting and creative spaces which is where my writing impulse comes from.
We’re also in between seasons, I hate this period when winter produce is at an end but Spring growth hasn’t occurred yet and we wait for the first Summer produce, it’s a dry spell and I was reminded by somebody last night who knows me well that I’m often ratty between seasons when no new growth comes up from the soil.
Words dry up when inspiration is low, but as I sat unpacking new, fresh stock from one of the farms I most believe in yesterday afternoon,  I felt my spirit return and rise up off the floor.
Keith Harvey’s Grass Fed Beef is in. Order before 12pm and Sam will see you this afternoon or Cassandra if you are fetching.
There is some stock of Karoo Meat of Origin lamb in too.
From the week after next when I get back from holiday, Braeside will be packing Karoo Lamb for us so that we have regular and on-going supply from here on. We haven’t found a decent packing option for this lamb yet with pricing that works, we’re hoping that all our teething issues will be resolved with Braeside packing for us now.
I will also be keeping stock of Braeside’s grass-fed, free range beef shortly and talking to you about the farms that are contributing towards that exciting protocol. With Braeside now having an independently audited standard for grass-fed, it gives us another option to offer you in Jozi which is fantastic.
It means, we won’t leave you again without supply for weeks on end while we wait for animals to be ready from Keith’s magic farm and wade through the logistics of actually getting it in.
On the chicken front, we have Croft farm stock arriving on the 4th of October. We’ve got Ruth fromNew Harmony Farm’s frozen large chickens and huge braai packs in. 
We have another chicken supplier coming up shortly and Mandy is starting to find new farmers to grow for her according to her protocol so that we can find a way to make fresh chicken from small sustainable farms more readily available.
To sell fresh chicken, you literally need farms who are slaughtering every week, that’s not easy to find with the small guys, generally they are raising one batch to adulthood, slaughtering and then it needs to get frozen as there isn’t a large enough market to take it fresh in one go and they can’t afford to take a small amount of chickens each week to slaughter, it’s too expensive and their costs are higher the smaller the numbers they have. So we’re working on getting other farms up to scratch on Mandy’s feeding and rearing regime which does not include gm feed at all and is a great pastured chicken diet for South African conditions, and chicken supply will get better.
In the meantime though, we can only offer frozen chicken from the small farms, but it’s great chicken, no hormone, no antibiotics, the greatest free range environment and lovingly tendered by Ruth who is passionately committed to giving chickens room to behave as chickens should.
We will be open on the public holiday. I actually was going to close but Sam wants us to be open and volunteered to be here, so if you do want anything on the public holiday, you can order.
I will be at the coast next week. My daughter is on school holidays, my husband is wading through an audit and will be working like a trojan next week and some girl friends invited Kiara and I to join them in Ballito! So I said – SURE – and will be off to let my soul soak up some time with my daughter, sea, sand, salt, sisterhood and soul.
Bliss. I hope I’ll come back with renewed energy. I know I will.
The store is almost ready. I’ve finally got a POS ordered, we just need to be trained now on how to use it, that’ll happen in the week after I’m back. The credit card machine has been ordered and will arrive next week. Our signage for outside has been ordered, we’re nearly there, shortly you can walk in and buy directly and we’ll make this a darn sight easier.
Right, I need to shoot. Sam and Cassandra will be running OE as competently as they do, next week.
Oh – one more thing – if you’ve been following the stories of Ruth rehabilitating battery chicks into a proper free range chicken environment, through her diaries which we have up on the blog – – we’ve got our first batch of eggs in from this farm. They are mediums, try them. 
Mandy’s vanilla and honey yoghurt at the moment is the stuff of dreams, the recipe has been perfected and is the best ever, I can’t get enough of it.
Look out for the new Spring organic growth that is out – like rocket – last night I piled wild rocket from Aloe Dale onto my plate with an organic carrot salad with ginger and coriander and one of Keith’s grass-fed steaks and as I sat eating the cleanest plate of food, I know you can get in Joburg, I was reminded all over again why we do this, why I’ll probably always do this, with all it’s challenges and I watched the whispery tail of the black fog of demotivation leaving the room.
When I get back, we’re in for a new season, a new ride with opening a store and we’ll keep learning, keep growing, keep at this, one step at a time, one day at a time, one mistake at a time, one victory at a time. Just one real day at a time.
Wishing you all a fantastic long week-end and much nourishment. Debbie

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