Live In The Pool, New Produce In, Recipe Ideas and The Gluten Summit…

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I hope you’re all finding ways to deal with this extreme weather.
My strategy is to live in the pool and to get used to leaving my hair mad and curly all summer so that I can just jump in and out as it pleases me. I’m not going to say once this summer, ‘I can’t swim because I’ve blow dried my hair’. It’s too hot for vanity and fuss so mad hair season it will be.
My daughter was most intrigued last night, when, after getting out of of bed for the umpteenth time in the night complaining that she was too hot to sleep, I took her for a swim!
‘..but it’s night-time’, she said’ looking at me as if I had lost my marbles altogether, ‘I promise this will help you sleep’ I replied and we had a quick swim at some ridiculous hour and then popped back into bed and slept like babies (good babies that sleep), afterwards.
Don’t be scared to let the whole family have a dip in the middle of the night if they’re hot and not sleeping, rather than being kept up with restless children? It just works. Just keep them quiet, whisper and tell them they must just get in quietly and swim, don’t put lights on, it’s all dark and quiet outside anyhow which adds to the calm, speak softly and tell them it’s a quiet in and out swim. Kiara was thoroughly enchanted last night, and after that she got softly back into bed and that was that, I didn’t hear another peep from her until the morning.
Store News – we got in some naturally grown  globe artichokes, kale, spinach, chinese cabbage, fresh carrot bunches, herbs, heirloom lettuce, crisp lettuce and butter lettuce, yesterday. The greatest relief because produce variety is still scarce.
Everything is in the ground, much new growth has been hit by hail storms and heavy rain. This is always a very difficult time of year in-between seasons, plants are young and vulnerable and heavy rainstorms can devastate new summer growth.
Farmers are saying hang tight for another two weeks and then we’ll hit abundance, summer fruit and new produce..’till then, celebrate the new greens.
We’ve got new small yoghurt tubs in from Mooberry, orange and honey, let me know what you think of them. We’ve got stock in too of the Mooberry cottage and cream cheese tubs and halloumi and of course her milk.
Fresh sourdough is coming in every day now.
Recipe Ideas..
We’ve well stocked with Keith Harvey’s 100% Grass Fed Beef, on that amazing blog from Lisa Brink from ‘Delicious’ that I shared with you last week, I found a page of recipe ideas for the beef. Here is the link –there are several new ideas for what you can use grass fed beef mince for and there is another that you could use the goulash packs for.
We’re making the short-rib racks this evening. We’re going to simply brown them on a hot pan in a bit of olive oil, remove, toss over some salt and pepper, then in the same oil gently fry some finely chopped onions, garlic, carrot and celery, add 2 blended tins of organic italian tomatoes, 2 tb’s of vinegar (probably organic balsamic), perhaps 2 cups of dry red wine, some fresh thyme, maybe a bit of lemon zest too. Much to my horror I’m out of beef stock in my freezer so I won’t be adding stock but if you’ve got stock, add some. 
Let that all simmer together for a short while until you sense that the flavour has all come together. Add that sauce to a large casserole and put the short rib back in, and then literally leave it in the oven all afternoon on around 120 – 125 degrees, covered. 
Short rib should fall off the bone really and if you cook it like this it will.
When the weather is like this, we obviously don’t serve meals like this with heavy starches, we rather will just do 3 or 4 great salads with a lot of greens.
If you want to try the goulash pieces – they come in close to 1kg packs – I’d recommend this way too. You could also just literally follow this recipe idea in the morning, and then put the goulash instead of short rib and sauce into a slow cooker and head off to work.
When you come back, jump in the pool – I think jumping in the pool is going to be my standard solution to everything for a while – throw together some salads and supper is ready!
The Gluten Summit..
Before I leave, one more thing I’ve found lately of interest is a series of talks by some very interesting speakers on the gluten summit.
You can go in and see all the topics and speakers and just listen to a podcast of what interests you. I’ve heard some fascinating content there, here is a link to the talks at the gluten summit. There’s a vast array of content and diverse speakers represented there, you’l find at least one topic of interest I’m sure.
Another reminder of our number change – (011) 514 0958. Please amend your records, the other line will be disable shortly. 
Service Reminder..
For new customers – a reminder that if you order online before 12pm Monday – Friday, we will deliver that same day. You can also choose to ‘collect’ when you check-out and then collect your parcels on the same day after 12pm at 4 Cambridge Road, or you can just come in and buy directly from the farm direct store.
Everything that is on the online store will be in the front store. 
We’re going to paint another black board wall for you this week-end so that when you’re in – you can write up feedback, requests and let me know what you’re looking for so that we can source what most interests you.
I’ll put the book corner in shortly too so that we can start up a library of books to do with conscious eating and sustainable farming.
Have a gorgeous day and do mail me if you’ve brought something from us and want a recipe suggestion.
My inbox is very heavy most days so I can only offer this service to Organic Emporium customers.
You, together with the farmers we represent, are who I ultimately work for.
This forum is here to serve the needs of The Organic Natural and Whole Food customers and contributing farmers. 

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