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Grass Fed Burgers

At the risk of being called dramatic (I get called that at least once a week), I think I’ve found a blog that just might change your life! If you’re on the real food journey and I take it that if you’re on this mailing list, you undoubtedly are, then this blog might just crank up the volume somewhat.

Of course I love this lady because she wrote nice things about us and is buying the Kalahari 100% Grass Fed Beef but I PROMISE that I’d love her anyway! She is a gorgeous Irish lady who makes really healthy food come across as the sexiest ever. Every recipe I’ve seen so far on that blog looks like a celebration and feels special too. It’s not just in the creativity you see in her recipes, and the way she is so inspired by ingredients, it’s also in the way she presents it to you. I just feel like this lady knows how to honour ingredients, every meal a new blessing. Have a look at my blog find of the year – Ireland’s loss is indeed our gain here!

Have a look at her latest posting where she made gluten-free burgers using the Kalahari mince – the tomato sauce is real, the pesto is real, instead of buns she uses mushrooms, the ingredients in the patties are all whole – there is one refined ingredient to be found – she’s created a nutritional powerhouse of a meal and proves that real food, using real ingredients is the most glamorous of all.

Why not try this, this week and prove to your family that healthy food doesn’t need to be boring, or exclude comfort food, that in fact the opposite is true, with a little bit of time, a little bit of care – nutritious food can deliver the most taste bite for bite and nutrient for nutrient.

This is the most exciting burger I’ve yet seen. If you don’t have the time to make pesto – buy Cammy’s, it’s on the site under Ambersky Ready made meals…and how about using her tomato sauce recipe as a household staple – real tomato sauce instead of the refined chemical soup we’re accustomed to that rolls off a conveyor belt.

I can’t wait to try this….have fun on this blog, I’m on a mission to try every recipe – one a week! That broccoli bread is my next…what genius!

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