Mandy's Dairy Is In And Learn To Make Real Bread With Penny…

Real Food Comes From Farms

Real Food Comes From Farms

Happy Monday! 

Just when I thought it was time to crack open the champagne to celebrate Spring, the weather had a giggle at me and is biting cold again today. I set my enthusiasm on hold for now. 
Blah. Never mind, shortly, I’ll be all bouncy and full of Spring and giving you amazing news of great new Summer produce coming in …
For now, today’s news is that new stock of Mandy’s dairy and eggs has just walked in, with Sam of course, not at all literally…I extend apologies to those of you who didn’t get eggs and dairy on Friday, we had a run on it at the end of the week. 
New certified organic stock from Wensleydale is in, some greens from Aloe Dale – those that are making it through the cold, new stock is in of Raw Honey – the creamed Boekenhout (proof that there is a God) and raw honey from hives set in Macadamia trees. 
We’ll have new stock in shortly too of the non-GM yellow maize porridge. 
We’ll also have some new lines from Mandy on Wednesday of cream cheese, cottage cheese and ricotta which I’m looking forward to. Made with milk from local, grass-fed cows, no other nonsense in their diet or additives, colorants or preservatives to speak of. 
Please see details below of the best place in Jozi to learn how to make traditional sourdough bread at. Penny has the most experience of anybody I know with traditional food, she will inspire you to great depths to make your own bread. 
One amazing place to make a great difference to your health is to get conventional bread out of your diet, it is full of undesirable ingredients, low in nutrition and contains things that make my hair curl. If you don’t think you have the time to make your own bread and you do have house help, why not send them on it? We will be focusing on bread shortly and what you need to know about conventional conveyor belt bread and why it’s a great idea to avoid it if you’re looking for real food and deep nutrition. 
I just need to get the Kalahari series finished first…I could write myself into a coma at this point, there is so much to talk about regarding food, I sometimes, actually often battle to focus. 
So I need to stick with completing the series on Kalahari Beef and Holistic Management so that you understand as much as possible about the beef you are buying and then we’ll talk bread. 
If doing the course isn’t feasible, we will be trying out a beautiful daily artisanal bread shortly…I’ll bring you news as soon as details are firm…
Need to dash, thank you so much for the feedback to those of you who have taken the time to write, I can’t express deeply enough how much it has meant to hear that we are making a difference to your everyday world with great farm food. 
We do need the criticism too, it helps us to improve and is just as valuable as the praise so please stay chatting to me…
Ultimately, we are all in this together and I’m on your side. 
See the info on Penny’s course and I’ve repeated the second article in the Kalahari series in case you missed it….
Stay warm, Stay nourished..

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