Mandy's Eggs Are In and Cash Accounts..

Mandy's Eggs for Lavendar Creme Brûlée

Mandy’s Eggs for Lavendar Creme Brûlée

For those of you waiting for fresh eggs, they’ve just arrived, you’ve still got time to get orders in for today.
Things went fantastically with the bread, so it’s looking good that we’ll keep this as a regular staple.
We sold out, more being baked tomorrow morning and we’ve asked her to add some 100% rye sourdough as some of you said you’d want that.
If you haven’t tried sourdough, I would highly recommend this as your introduction, you’ll never look back. If you’re new, start on the white first, then transition to country which is a mixture of stoneground unbleached, white, rye and wholewheat and then if you’re a rye person, 100% rye sourdough which is a beautiful, beautiful bread with the lowest gluten content of them all.
I cannot eat store brought bread or ordinary gluten without severe discomfort. I bloat almost immediately, and hit a wall energy wise – it literally drops me. I can’t do it, wont’ do it, haven’t put a morsel of white flour anything near my lips for a long time now. I can eat sourdough ’till the cows come home and it’s hard not to when it’s in front of me and I do not bloat, I get energy rather than experience a slump, and feel sustained energy for long, it’s a different experience altogether. I’ll repeat links to yesterday’s sourdough articles in case you’re keen.
If i get enough people collecting today, I’ll have some of the bread out on our new farm tasting table in the front, and I’m going to put out a radish, broad bean and tahini salad to help inspire you while radishes and broad beans are about.
I’ll see how many collects we end up with…
Cash Accounts
Some of you have asked whether you can do EFT deposits and have a credit on your account and just shop until the credit runs out. That is all fine, we can do it, mail me if you would like to set something like that up with us.
If you want us to do a regular order or box for you and don’t have the time to do the online order, we can do that for you too. We just need you to have an account with credit and then mail us with what we can give you as a regular sort of order.
We can try it and see how it goes?
There is still time to get your orders in for delivery this afternoon if you’ve been waiting for the eggs…
Have a blessed and full day. Debbie

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