Melford Oils

Melfort, an artisanal producer of lard, beef tallow, lamb tallow and  duck fat was started in 2012. Tinashe Motsi, the founder, was battling middle-age spread and was on a quest for a lifestyle based diet. He happened upon the paleo diet as expounded by Prof Tim Noakes in South Africa and many others globally. The paleo diet required that he cease eating all gain based carbohydrates and to ideally have a high fat, low carbs diet. This meant eating basically meat and vegetables, as much meat as he liked, without going for the lean cuts. Sirloin and short-rib became favourites. In looking for suitable non-vegetable oil Tinashe remembered the practices of cooking with visceral fat that had been widely practiced by his grandmother’s generation, he also remembered how his grandfather had also rendered tallow many years ago. He researched this rendering method and started rendering tallows, and lard for his family and friends using the same methods that his grandfather had.
It was when his 7 year old daughter drew and placed a label on one of the bottles of tallow that the idea was born that maybe other people would also like to have access to pure tallows and lards made with the same traditional recipes that the family has used in generations past.
Following a low carb high fat diet has been amazingly positive for Tinashe, he has lost 12 kilograms within a year, he admits that he has not been a strict adherent of the paleo diet having a whiskey, gin and tonic, beer or glass of wine on a regular basis. Despite this he has managed to lose weight without ever having to forcibly reduce portions or even exercising deliberately. Tinashe speaks of the life changing experience of being on a Paleo diet; he has greater energy and vitality. He has also noticed the increased lean muscle mass.
Tinashe is a keen proponent of the paleo diet and is fastidious about providing the “converted” with pure animal fat products from the finest grass-fed beef on the country.

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