New Coconut Products and The Sustainable Christmas Meal

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We’ll be keeping the store open until 12:30 for this afternoon’s delivery cut-off time as we’ve just had some new stock arrive. 
So if you’d still like an order for today, please get your order in now and Sam will still see you this afternoon. 
I’ve just gotten back from a local beautiful farm that I’ll send you an article about tomorrow. 
The reason I’m so excited is because Christmas eating is always a difficult one if you’re committed to eating humanely reared truly free range food. 
The traditional gammon and turkey for Christmas time isn’t something I’ve ever been able to find. 
The best we had as an alternative is jumbo – over 3kg chickens which we usually do at Christmas but I’m not sure whether we can get them this year, so I’ve been scratching my head about what to do this year as I don’t know of any free range turkeys or gammon from pastured pigs that I can get my hands on. 
I have just visited a local farmer though with truly pastured animals living off the land in the most beautiful environment and he is doing Peking ducks and geese which is a great alternative to turkey for the Christmas table. 
A free range goose can happily replace a turkey – they are a good 4.5kg’s on average. 
He is also doing traditional french cheeses from about the best goat environment and happiest goats I have yet seen. 
So I’ll send news out about that tomorrow and we can put together a sustainable table offering of peking ducks and geese if it is something you could do, let me know if you are keen to look at it. 
I’ll send through pictures and more information of the beautiful wholly free range environment that they are living in tomorrow. 
We will shortly have free range bacon from Richard Bosman as well, so many of you are desperately waiting for us to find free range bacon that we can get consistently, I think this is our answer. 
Sweet basil is in if you’re keen to try or re-make that dressing, fresh sourdough loaves are in, crisp lettuce, mixed radish bags, fresh organic horseradish, lemons, apples (last of the season), sweet potatoes, spinach, chinese cabbage, new coconut sugar and coconut flour are also in, for great gluten free recipes using coconut flour click here.halloumi from Mooberry is in as well as milk, butter and yoghurts…if you do want to visit us at the farm direct store – 4 Cambridge Road, everything that you see on the online store is available to buy directly so good idea to check out the store to see if we have what you need. 
Let me dash – have a beautiful day…back soon…


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