New Produce In and How to Activate for Jozi Real Food

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New Produce Just Arrived – New Stock of Mandys Milk and Yoghurt and Eggs, Organic Fruit and Veg – Apples, Okra, Baby Kale, Roast Veg Assorted Pack, Asian Style Butternut Soup, Spinach, Crisp Lettuce, Yellow Cherry Tomatoes, Baby Marrows, Mixed Marrows, Patty Pans – Goat Peter Goat’s Milk, Chevres – Plain, Garlic and Herb, Black Pepper and Cranberry, Cottage Cheese, Yoghurt, Pecorino, Gouda and La Punt…
To those of you who have tried our new service – Thank You!

It’s going to take some time for us all to learn this way of doing things. What I’m finding so crazy is that the old process was so complicated and involved so much ‘thinking’ work – the new process isn’t like that – you just go on and see what’s in right now and you can order and receive it the same day – yet we’re all still stuck in complex thinking about how to order, it’s taking a while for the penny to drop.

Just yesterday, I was thinking that I needed one of Mandy’s chicken to get a new batch of chicken stock going and it even took me a couple of moments to register that I could order it now and take it home today!

We have new challenges now like how to get our ordering right, over the next month we’ll learn on which days you most like to order so that we can make sure we’re more heavily stocked for those days. We’ve got all the farms on a new delivery process, we’re guessing how much to order, it’ll be like that until we have at least a months worth of buying trends from you to analyze and to adjust our processes accordingly.

This new model’s risk all centers around the volume of consumers wanting sustainable produce from these great farmers. We have had to ask them to commit to doing more deliveries which is more costly, in order for it to work, we have to get more people wanting to eat organic and naturally produced produce to support these farms.

We need an active and integrated community to support these farmers so that their businesses are sustainable and we don’t lose them and end up back at only having feedlot factory farmed meat and conventional produce available.

So as an active member of the Jozi Real Food Revolution, which you are, if you’re on this list, I’m going to ask you to do some activism on behalf of the movement this month by sharing this service. Let as many people as you know, know about the Jozi Real Food Revolution and this service so that they can support these farmers.

This revolution in eating changes one member at a time. If you get one person in your life, to like the Facebook page and get updates or read an article about why feedlot meat isn’t great and why they should rather choose veldt reared, 1 person to start understanding why organically grown produce is better for health than conventional produce and the cancerous pesticides they are farmed with, 1 more person who starts changing one thing in their diet and buying from real farms – every 1 new member is a victory for the revolution. I want Jozi to be a place where we have just as much access to whole untainted farm fresh produce from real farms that don’t use agrochemicals and inhumane farming practices, as much as Cape Town is.

We can do this. Spread the word and become an active Jozi Real Food Ambassador.

Right – off to help Sam pack up today’s orders…stay warm today, there’s an extra little nip in the air. That is because we are having floors redone at home, which requires us having to leave all our windows open, Murphy and myself have this Irish relationship down pat.

Have a gorgeous Thursday, Debbie

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