New Stock of Buffalo Ridge Mozzarella In For The Week-End and Real Hot Chocolate ..

Dear Debbie 
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Here’s just a quick one to say have a wonderful, wonderful week-end and to remind you that there is half an hour left to get any orders in for produce you’d like for the week-end.
Buffalo Ridge – New Stock Just In..
We have just received stock in of the Buffalo Ridge Mozzarella, Bocconcini, Feta, Yoghurt and Fromage Blanc..
Paleo Snacks – Just In..
Tinashe has also just dropped off the pork crackling samples free to anybody who wants to try his new paleo snack and who has ordered the Melford Traditional Lard or Tallow…
1 Gluten-Free Carrot Cake Left!
There is one of Cammy’s carrot cakes left. We’re getting such great feedback on these. They are gluten and dairy free, are moist, full of flavour – I brought one for home and it was finished in 2 days.  If you’re at a loss for something for a week-end tea, I’d highly recommend it. They are expensive but full of non-GM rice and gluten free flour and organic carrots and walnuts.
Kalahari 100% Grass Fed Beef – Free Steak Offer – Don’t Forget To Send Me A Mail…
We still have eggs in, fruit (apples, lemons and clementines), plenty Kalahari 100% Grass Fed Beef – don’t forget that if you’re a customer who has ordered it before and didn’t like it – to ask me for a free sample of the new batch which is gorgeous, cut well, aged perfectly, tender and full of grass-fed goodness.
Have a wonderful week-end and we’ll be back on Monday…
I’ll get back to writing more articles and recipes soon too, as soon as Sam is back and we return to some semblance of a new normality with our new service.
We have Karoo lamb coming soon as well! Cant’ wait to talk to you about that and what we’ve learnt about the indigeneous herbs and bushes that should form part of a Karoo lamb’s diet.
Don’t forget to take a peek at the Make From Scratch blog – for ideas of gorgeous real recipes you can make over the week-end….or to try the Kalahari 100% Grass Fed Burgers with pesto and roast red peppers that she made!
Real Hot Chocolate…
Also before I leave, if your children, like my daughter start nagging for hot chocolate as it gets colder, don’t buy the ones from the store that are loaded with sugar, gm corn syrup, soy, overly processed cocoa and chemical fluff….just make REAL HOT CHOCOLATE for them so they at least are getting a nutrient dense version of the same – without all the industrial additives!
All you need to do is gently heat a cup of their milk of choice – if it’s dairy make sure it is from pastured cows on grass not receiving any supplement feed with antibiotics and growth hormones.
Use your favourite raw honey or organic maple syrup – at least then the sweetness is coming from a whole sugar source and contains some nutrition – and use a raw cacao powder like the one from Superfoods or Trace the Taste. Because they’re raw and haven’t been heaten and overly processed, they are still packed with the nutrients in cacao. I add a tiny little bit of organic vanilla powder as well. All you do is heat the milk gently (rice milk also works beautifully here), in the mug you’re going to use – mix up a tsp of the cacao powder and a pinprick of the vanilla powder (optional), add the honey to the warming milk so that it melts, take a tablespoon of the warm milk and stir it into the cacao and vanilla in the mug so it makes a smooth paste, then simply add the milk to the mug and stir through.
Real hot chocolate without all the nonsense….so your child still gets the comfort of warm drinks in Winter but without stressing their immune systems which they need to fight off colds and winter flu’s…
We’ll have a whole load of new raw honeys in for you next week as well to use for your favourite winter teas and cocoas – the creamed boekenhout (my favourite) as well as some nut honeys..I’ll let you know as soon as we have them..
This is what the Jozi Real Food Revolution is about.
If you love burgers, and don’t want to give them up – you don’t have to – all you need to do is make them out of real nutrient dense ingredients – beef from grass-fed cows, use something other than white bread as the bun like Lynne using mushrooms, make a quick home-made tomato sauce sweetened with honey and a pesto bursting with the goodness of green vegetables – it will TASTE WAY BETTER than the refined commercial version and you’ll appreciate it all the more knowing that you supported sustainable farms as well as your health by using whole, real, organic ingredients!  Here is the link to that recipe again if you missed it…
I’ll shut up now, have a fantastic week-end eating real food….
Much Love, Debbie
This is crazy but I’ve taken myself to a coffee shop not even 500metres from the office because it’s actually going to be the only way I can communicate with
Yours in the Jozi Real Food Revolution,
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