New Vegetables In, End of School Term Reflections, Mustard Greens and Real Mayonnaise..

Real Mayonnaise

It’s my daughter’s last day of Grade 1 today and I’m a touch emotional. 
I’ve spent time this morning just reflecting on a year that went by as typically as these school years do, quicker than you’re ever ready for and I’m thinking about all of you who are facing endings with your children and getting ready for a period of rest before the next new beginning. 
The last day of their school year always makes the fleetingness of their childhood such a crisp reality. It’s a reminder to us to treasure every day we have with them. 
It’s a very special time of year and when they leave their classrooms and teachers who have walked a year with them, that sense of time moving on is always quite literally stunning I’ve found. I can almost remember the last day of every year of my son’s school year in detail. 
Before school this morning I spent time reflecting back on the year with my daughter, what were the highlights, what were the difficult parts, what was your best time, what was your worst, what shall we do differently next year? It can be a very special time of perspective, please don’t forget to take the time to remember – with your children – every little and great thing they achieved in a year.
It gives them courage to face another and reminds them that their lives and achievements are meaningful to you. Celebrate the small things. I’m overcome with love for my daughter this morning:)
I hope you’re all having happy great last days of term and looking back over the great memories and making peace with those that were less than ideal. 
New Local and Organic Fresh Produce In..
That said, the real reason I’m writing is just to let you know that we’ve got in some great new local and organically grown fresh produce from a small grower in Chartwell. 
There is gem squash – do add a knob of Mandy’s delectable butter to them or cook and fill with grass-fed beef mince, there are some turnips – turnips gratin perhaps? – fresh bunches of carrots, some peas, some beans, some kale and some great herbs including peppermint. 
I’ve got a thing at the moment of taking massive sprigs of herbs and leaving them to stand in big glasses of water with fresh lemon juice in – it’s such a refreshing drink and mint works wonders. 
Even if you want to use sparkling water when you’re in company with people who are drinking other things – a tall beautiful glass of sparkling water with the juice of 1 fresh lemon and a tall sprig of mint and a slice of lemon is absolute heaven on a warm day. Try it. 
Try Mustard Greens..
Also fresh local and organic produce arrived from Ambersky yesterday that looked great. I was most excited about the mustard green packs and radishes. Mustard greens are literally the greens of mustard plants, closely related to kale, spinach and collards. They taste sort of like a mixture of rocket and spinach, sort of spinach with more body and a hint of mustard flavour really. 
Shave some fresh radishes really thinly and prepare a salad base of mustard greens with rocket and any other lettuce leaf or herb you want to add, add goat’s chevre or some lightly toasted nuts, anything you want really and then perhaps toss over a dressing made with 3/4 cup olive oil, 1/4 cup apple cider vinegar, 2 TB’s of raw honey and some salt and pepper and there you have a fresh and super tasty nutrient pack salad to add to the table. 
That with the fresh sourdough loaves make for a gorgeous lunch or add this salad to gems filled with grass-fed mince or a turnip gratin made with Mandy’s cream and butter? 
OR how about frying some halloumi strips in coconut oil, splashing over some lemon juice and adding the salad to that for a meal.
OR have what we had last night – I marinaded chunks of Keith’s 100% grass-fed tenderised steak for a morning in a mixture of 50g fresh rosemary, 10 roughly chopped garlic cloves, 1 lemon roughly chopped and 50ml olive oil (marinaded over night is even better) – then we skewered them on kebab sticks with chopped organic courgettes, cherry tomatoes (organic ones from Woolworths), chunks of organic onion – grill those until cooked and serve with sweet potato wedges and a mustard greens and radish salad. 
We had these kebabs with a home made mayonnaise too which is just delicious. 
Make Real Mayonnaise?
I have tried many home  made mayonnaises with olive oil and the truth is they just never suit my families palette, it’s quite tricky to get a decent mayonnaise with olive oil, we’ve tried coconut oil too and my daughter won’t eat it so I capitulated and used a recipe with sunflower oil (not the best) but at least an organic version and it comes out beautifully. 
Just combine 2 of Mandy’s boschveldt egg yolks, 1 whole egg, 1 tbsp of mustard (we use dijon), a pinch of salt and some pepper and 4 tbsp of fresh lemon juice, slowly then drizzle in the oil in a slow steady stream, once it is all blended, taste and see whether you want to add more salt or pepper! 
My whole family will now happily eat this mayonnaise and don’t ever complain anymore about the fact that there isn’t store brought (gm corn filled) mayonnaises in our fridge. You can replace the lemon juice with white wine vinegar but freshly squeezed lemon juice from organic lemons just always always tastes better. 
Serve that with the mustard green salad, and some grass-fed beef kebabs and roasted potato or sweet potatoe wedges and some haloumi and I think you’ll have a very happy table. 
And if you make this regularly, you’ll now have real mayonnaise at hand in the fridge all the time that is preservative and additive free and contains no nonsense or sugar! 
Kiara was already directing me last night to put left over kebabs, salad and potato wedges in her lunch box for today, she loved supper so much. 
Right, I’d better dash, lots on the go today…
I’ll post pics of the kebabs on our facebook page to help you with ideas for sustainably farmed week meals.
Enjoy this period of reflecting, celebrating, letting go and relaxing…love especially to all the parents doing last days of term today.. Debbie x
Yours in the Jozi Real Food Revolution,
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