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I’m going to try my level best not to talk about the move at all and all our settling down teething issues, it’s even boring me already!
Let’s take it for granted that week by week, the store will take on greater shape and we won’t look like scrambling rats every time you come in. ūüôā I know smiley faces are tiresome but I don’t know how to write without them anymore, my humour can be dreadfully sarcastic and without smiley faces there is a risk I’m taken seriously!
Over the next few weeks, I’l be putting all focus again onto supply. We’ve had a halt in supply of Harvey’s Grass Fed beef which should all return to normal from next week. I’ve just finished hooking up a new batch of Harvey’s biltong this morning which will be ready on Friday. We haven’t got space in the the store to make biltong like we did in the old building so I’ve moved the production to my home kitchen until my son takes that side of things over.
I have put love, attention and soul into this last batch for you. As a result my daughter went to school smelling decidedly like coriander this morning after helping me hang the silverside strips. ¬†I had marinaded them all night in organic coriander, organic black pepper, Himilayan salt, some fresh organic thyme and a splash of organic maple syrup that I’ve added for a slightly sweeter tone than we’ve had prior. All of this in red wine vinegar and then we put an extra layer of whole coriander on this morning before getting it into the cabinet. I so enjoyed myself doing this. Handling food of this calibre fills me with joy and knowing that the goodness of it is going into appreciative bellies makes life worth living. Truly.
On that note, I went to a large spice company yesterday to buy biltong hooks, this is a large company churning out the mass spice mixes for conventional stores and mixes.
Trust me when I tell you that the ingredients lists made my skin crawl. Most biltong is not a clean protein source because the spice mixes they use – mostly all contain msg, genetically modified corn and corn derivatives, ridiculous amounts of sugar, genetically modified soy, wheat, flavourants, preservatives and colorants.
I saw long lists of ‘E’ additives and this is on one of the most popular spice mixes that butchers and supermarkets are using. ¬†When you buy biltong, insist on a full ingredients list and if there isn’t one – ask what the biltong was marinaded in and if they say a ‘spice mix’, ask to see the bottle and read the ingredients, they’re a nightmare.
I think biltong can be a great protein snack – IF it is from grass-fed, free range beef and hasn’t add all those additives, sugar and preservatives added in the form of the spice.
Choose ‘real’ biltong. Bear in mind though that without the preservatives, it isn’t – like all natural food – going to last forever in your fridge or panty – and it shouldn’t. I’m really excited in the near future to start experimenting with natural and organic herb mixes for biltong like real lemon and thyme and garlic and rosemary and real chilli and lime. Watch this space, traditional biltong is meant to be a good protein source, not a chemistry experiment.
Other quick store news that we need to cover before I leave you with topical articles of the moment..
Those of you who are committed¬†raw milk drinkers¬†will notice the new label we have on saying¬†‘pets milk’.¬†Those of you in the know about raw milk are mostly well researched and have your reasons for choosing raw over pasteurised and are unlikely to be phased.
If you are new to raw milk though, this could be a touch alarming. The reason we have to put on a sticker saying ‘pets milk’ is because it isn’t legal in Johannesburg to sell raw milk without them. If you drive up the highway to PTA, you are allowed to sell raw milk just because the bylaws are different. If you try and get an intelligent answer about why this is so, all you hear is that the health department in Johannesburg wasn’t large enough at the time of drafting the legislation (eons ago) to make it feasible to check farms, so they just banned it to simplify the matter.
Whether you drink raw or pasteurised milk is entirely up to you – you need to do your research on this one. I only buy raw milk for my own family, I’m very comfortable with Mandy’s farm and the state of her cows, the milk gets tested every month by the ARC and 6 monthly the whole milk is tested for the serious diseases that can threaten herds. So if you are a die-hard raw milk drinker, that’s the reason for the new stickers, to comply with our by-laws around raw milk.
We will always offer raw and pasteurised. While we’re on this topic, I’ll put a repeat below of a link to an article I wrote on the blog some time ago regarding.
Produce in right now¬†– kale, lettuce, sweet potatoes, potatoes, chinese cabbage, baby asian greens (incredible with the Petit Charlot Goat’s cheese and roast butternut or pumpkin, carrots, lemons, apples and turnips. I’m going to put turnips in The Secret Jozi Chefs box this week I think, so few people know how to cook with them.¬†
We’ve got in new pastured pork biltong from Richard Bosman – described by himself as “made form pro fillet and is lightly smoked. It is seasoned with paprika and a hint of chilli and can be eaten as is but I like to slice it thinly and serve it with some soft goats cheese, topped with chives and a good drizzle of olive oil.
I would seriously recommend using the baby asian greens as a base – over that layering some chunks of goat’s cheese, the Petit Charlot one would be holy here – thinly sliced bits of the pork biltong, chives and a drizzle of olive oil. Oh my word, that’s happening in my kitchen tonight actually!
Cammy¬†is bringing new stock or organic produce from¬†Ambersky Farm¬†this morning and new stock of her prepared meals which you’ll find in the freezer.¬†
Time to dash off, see an article below written about¬†Peta Frysh,¬†the extraordinary lady behind¬†Peter’s Super Natural Ice Cream¬†and a repeat of the raw versus pasteurised milk debate.¬†
Please also have a look at The Secret Jozi Chefs blog and sign up for his recipes. 
He is doing great things for the Jozi Real Food Revolution by coaxing people back into their kitchens and into a delightful relationship with food by providing the most delicious and easy to do recipes. He turns the box we give him each week into pure magic. His recipes make you want to skip to the kitchen, he is a man with a lot of soul and a lot to give and I believe your relationship to nourishment and to the sheer joy of making great food will be heavily inspired by Paul Maciel. Click here to join his blog and to see the recipe for the amazing cheese cake he made this week-end using the Gourmet Greek’s yoghurt and Boekenhout honey. Utter bliss‚Ķ
’till we chat again,¬†
Be Nourished,
Onwards and Upwards with The Jozi Real Food Revolution, 
Much love and good wishes, 

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