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Yesterday, I learnt about why it is critical to have a bullet proof IT set-up if you’re running an online store. If you don’t, you have no shop. 
We lost an entire day yesterday to technical issues, so to make up, we’re going to do deliveries on Saturday. If you’d like to collect on Saturday too, we can arrange it. 
So as per usual, if your order is in before 12pm today, we’ll see you this afternoon. If you place it after 12pm, we can deliver it to you on Saturday or you can collect on Saturday between 10am and 12. 
We have some great things in stock, those awesome fresh organic kale bunches from Ambersky were picked again this morning. Please place these in a vase of water really like you would flowers and not in the fridge. They will stay fresher for longer. 
We also have a new range in of Ambersky’s real food frozen family meals – the new ones are:
Peri-peri sauce, sage butter, seasonal chutney, chicken and broccoli bake, thai green chicken curry, hake bakes, oak smoked haddock pies, beef stew, lamb stew, roast chicken and mushroom family pie, lamb and mint family pies, chicken parmigiana, bolognaise, lasagne, vegetarian chickpea and butternut curry, vegetarian lentil lasagne, vegetarian lentil lasagne and bone marrow soup. 
When you need convenience without GM content, chemicals, factory meat and toxic fillers – these are your go-to meals. I’m going to go back to Ambersky next week and take some photos for you and chat more about this incredible local organic farm and kitchen for you. 
I’d best head off now, I’ve been working all morning on my response to the GM baby food scandal which I’ve pasted below. 
Next week is going to be good folks, Kalahari 100% Grass Fed Mince and the full steak range will be back in, we have an exciting new truly free range veldt raised lamb offering coming shortly….and our stocking is getting better week in as we move along. 
I need to hear from you. If you are finding us out of stock of things that you need, please shout, trial and error are our only guidelines here with stocking and it’s tricky. The louder your voice with me, the greater we can co-create this food revolution together. 
Have a gorgeous Autumn week-end…Try Lynne Whelens mushroom soup? We had it the other night and it’s just beautiful.

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