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Rainy Jozi Day

Rainy Jozi Day

Isn’t this weather so UK? It’s comfort mood weather. We’ve cooked up our next ripe batch of tomatoes from my garden at home into a rich tomato soup which we’re going to have tonight with some of Paris Pattisserries sourdough toast and thick slabs of Mandy’s grass-fed butter. We’ve still got roast chicken left over from the night prior so I’ll warm that up too.
This would be a great week-end to do the roast veg recipe I posted this week with the brinjals, garlic and tomatoes – check it out on the blog or on our facebook page if you missed it. Here is the link…Click For Recipe…
If you did try the Kalahari 100% Grass Fed Beef fillet recipe this week, please let me know what you thought. Otherwise tonight may be the time for it. I’m also thinking that a good glass of red wine and a fire on might make for a great Friday evening. If you missed that recipe – here is the link..Kalahari Grass Fed Beef Fillet Recipe…
If you want your order in for the week-end, please remember to get it in now so that Sam can get to you this afternoon. Any orders that come in now before 12pm will go out this afternoon and get to you for the week-end. 
We’ve got in for the week-end – Mandy’s Dairy From Grass-Fed Cows – Milk, Greek Yoghurt, Natural Yoghurt, Vanilla and Honey Yoghurt, Her Free-Range Eggs and Feta (Halloumi coming next week), Goat’s Milk – Cheese, Kefir and Milk, Kalahari 100% Grass Fed Beef Steaks, Whole Chickens, Ready to Roast Bags of Organic Veg From Ambersky Farms – Try the Beetroot, Onion and Thyme (just toss into a roasting pan with some olive oil, salt, pepper and a splash of lemon juice and roast at 180 degrees until done – drizzle over a bit of honey if you want a sweeter dish and perhaps stir through some chunks of goats chevre or feta), Roast Veg Packs or her Stirfry Mix (just toss into a hot pan or wok with olive oil and add whatever you fancy), Wicked Earth Sustainable Farm Naturally Grown Non-Irradiated Pink Garlic, Organic Fruit and Veg – Royal Gala Apples, Clementines, Patty-Pans, Red Peppers, Crisp Lettuce, Cocktail Tomatoes, Baby Marrows, Clementines, Chopped Ready to Cook Pumpkin, Brinjals, Chinese Cabbage, Butternut, Avo cadoes and Sourdough Loaves – Olive – Sundried Tomato and Pumpkin….and more – have a look – as it sells out the quantities drop on the site so you can see exactly what is left…
Real Gravy….If you’re going to slow roast anything this week-end in this weather, remember to turn the pan drippings into gravy, you can’t beat it. This is real gravy without the conveyor belt, additives, preservatives, gm corn soy, milk and chemical emolliants.
I’ve made so many incredible gravies lately, I used to be terrible at gravy, that was back in the day when I was trying to make it work with stock cubes – shudder – and powdered nonsense – now my husband thinks my gravies are the best and my kids go mad for it – and all I do is make sure that whatever I’m roasting slow cooks with herbs, good fat whether it’s grass fed butter, olive oil or tallow, and when that’s done – you only need to remove the pan drippings – while your meat is resting – back to the stove-top, add some form of liquid to bulk it and let that be real and unadulterated – whether it’s just your own home-made stock using bones from pastured animals or some water or wine – white wine is perfect for gravies to do with chicken – red wine for game or lamb – and let it bubble off and reduce until it tastes like heaven – then stock. It ends up being a far more concentrated gravy, you don’t need loads and it’s not a thick, starchy gravy but it’s real and the tastiest gravy you’ll ever make. Add a dash of cream from grass-fed cows if you want a creamy gravy – more for pork and some chicken dishes.
If you want any real tips on how to cook real food, please send them through and let’s get a discussion going…The more we learn how to make food real again and all these little tricks, the more we lessen our dependance on factory food and the conucopia of chemical props that are used to make it edible.
Have a wonderful week-end everybody and keep it real:) Our first week of the Jozi Real Food Revolution has been raw, incredible, exciting, terrifying, had highs, had lows, had parts that flowed, had parts that were challenging, had highlights, had school fee moments, had me tearing my hair out, was full of laughs and never forget moments, it was simple, it was complex, it was dynamic – it contained the full kalaidoscope of real life….Thank You for sharing this with us and please share to help us get momentum and more Jozi Real Food Ambassadors like yourself…
See you next week…or this afternoon if you place you order now…
Yours in the Jozi Real Food Revolution,
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