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3 things this morning, the first is some information that we’ve got in some new stock of a wider variety of vegetables for the week-end.
On the organic fresh fruit and vegetable side – we’ve got some greens, kale, covo and herbs, sweet potatoes, carrots, baby marrows, mixed marrows broccoli, avocados, apples, don’t forget to try that baked apple dessert from with some of Mandy’s yoghurt  – clementines (the best I’ve ever tasted for seasons), lemons, turnips , lettuce packs, some lemongrass and more…
To those of you that have tried or still want to the whole chickens we have in stock from New Harmony Farm, see the article on them below. We spent some good time there yesterday, I will be bringing you some of her eggs shortly once she has enough, Winter really slows down egg production so she needs a couple weeks to get enough for us but I’m excited about this farm.
Ultimately we want to show case the best small, local, family run, sustainable farms we can find. We know that we need a network of these farms, one farm isn’t large enough to supply a growing market. Not all sustainable farms are the same, they all have their differences, you may prefer the produce from one farm to another. I want you to know and understand the farm so that the choice is in your hands.
We also don’t ever want to squeeze or pressurise a farmer for volume as this is the exact context that creates short-cuts being taken and quality declining. To get a movement going, we need enough of you buying from a network of small farms, rather than us all pushing a small farm to capacity and beyond what they can deliver on.
We will have stock of New Harmony Farm Eggs in the near future for you to try, we do still have some of her whole chickens in stock – select ‘New Harmony Farm’ under chicken if you want that one.
There is still time to get orders in for Sam to deliver in time for this week-end. 
I’m off to the Northwest early tomorrow morning to spend time with Keith Harvey at the Kalahari 100% Grass Fed Farm and to participate in some exciting meetings there between farmers that I can’t wait to share.
I’ll take some photographs for you and for all of you who are Kalahari 100% Grass Fed customers, I would love it if you could send a short mail letting Keith know what difference his farming makes to your life. We will be talking to a group of farmers and trying to help them understand why we want them to go 100% Grass-Fed.
You could really help me by expressing as a consumer, why wholly veldt reared, grass-fed and free range beef makes a difference to your life. We will be meeting farmers who are thinking of going this route, the more they hear from you, the easier my task to show them how appreciated they are in the city for their efforts. I’m leaving in the morning, so if you do have anything to say to Keith and to other farmers thinking of doing grass-fed properly, what would you say, how could you let them know how important it is for you as a customer to have humanly reared beef in your world?
Thank You! I’m in a very emotional space today, I always leave farms like this and get affected for days.
After spending a week-end with Keith, I’m likely to be even more sensitive and slushy on Monday, you’ve been warned:)
Have a great week-end…I’ll be thinking of you and I take you with me on trips like these…please send mails for Keith and his family and his farm, I’d love to show him how much of a difference he makes to you…
Until then, one more thing – I am not getting on with word press as a blog editor – as times, it makes me want to eat my eye balls out with frustration – like this morning – when I cannot get it to load images the right way up! If there is anybody out there that could help me with word press, I’d be happy, I find it fiddly and terribly awkward – any bloggers? I’m yelling for help!
Warmest, warmest, warmest Regards, Debbie
Stay warm, Stay nourished..

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