Perfect Week Night Steak In 10 Minutes

The Perfect Grass Fed Beef Grill

The Perfect Grass Fed Beef Grill

The quickest way to get a deliciously grilled piece of steak on a week night in under 10 minutes.

Cooking 100% grass-fed beef is a little different to cooking grain fed feedlot beef.
For one, the fat content of the steak of a grass fed cow is less than that of your typical feedlot grain fed animal. It is very rare to see a great band of fat on the outer side of the steak with grass-fed beef. That band of extramuscular fat that we all associate with a good steak comes from the animal being quickly fattened on grain and hormones to reach a thick weight for market. With an animal that has been wholly veldt reared, you don’ t necessarily see this thick layer of fat on the outside of the cut, rather the fat is marbled through-out the meat indicative of consistent and normal weight gain through-out its life. Grass fed beef is also usually a deeper colour than the pink flesh we’re accustomed to seeing from grain fed feedlot beef.
This does present with differences when cooking it. You want to cook a grass-fed steak for less time than you would conventional because it doesn’t have as much fat to buffer the grill and without the antibiotics and stimulants and a more favourable muscle to fat ration, it’s a denser meat. You’ll get full on less on it.
Gary Jackson, a passionate grass fed enthusiast, played around with finding the best method for grilling the Kalahari 100% Grass Fed beef on the grill  in the quickest and most efficient way for quick week night meals.

Try his method and Enjoy!

The Perfect Grass Fed Beef Grill – Gary Jackson


You can use any cut of steak that you like. Dig out your grilling pan from the oven the one you seldom use. Its a tray with a plate that has holes in it that looks like a grill.

Place your first rack in your oven about10 cm from the top element. Put the grill setting on to 8 or the highest setting and keep the oven door slightly open. This will allow the steaks to grill not bake.
Rub your steak with Organic Kalahari salt and Waverly Hills organic  olive oil.
Place your steaks under the grill and keep the oven door a open about 10 cm also.
Watch the meat grill to a perfect brown, press the steaks until it bounces back or is done to your liking.
Turn the steak once it’s is browned and crispy, cook the other side a for half the time you cooked the first side.
Take out the oven dish immediately on to heated plates and allow to rest while you serve up your salad chips or veggies.
Only add mustard and pepper etc once on your plate.
This takes no more than 10 minutes from start to finish. The reason this works is that you have constant high heat and you cook the steak quickly and it browns the meat, fat and bone for that extra taste. You may find yourself using this method to braai on the weekends.


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