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Cedar Cones

Now in store.
In the midst of an intensely busy time when I was at my most clipped, screening calls ruthlessly and having to shorten conversations that weren’t super urgent, I got a call from a beautiful soul called Patrick from Pure Incense.
Something in Patricks’ tone made me stop and listen. Maybe it was the calm, patience and gentleness that resonates through his voice. I don’t know, you chat to him once and you just feel all sort of loved and that everything is probably going to be ok.
So I did listen to him, this calm person talking about incense and cedar cones and sacred forests and ancient natural perfumes like amber and cedar and jasmine and their power to affect the senses, to some stressed out of her wits Joburg female.
We have these in store now – he has sent up these lovely boxes of small cedar cones. You open the box and there are about 9 of them, you just take one and put it on a burner and light. Next minute you’re surrounded by a beautiful natural sweet smell of burning cedar, rumoured to have medicinal qualities that aid respiratory and rheumatic conditions.
Cedar is also said to enhance spirituality. He has also sent up natural fragrance incense sticks in amber, jasmine, ylang-ylang and similar natural perfume essences.
You’ll find them burning at the front of the shop as you walk in. Whether or not these do enhance spirituality and relieve asthma and heal the senses, I don’t know for sure – Cassandra, Michael and Michael seem a little suspicious and are giving me that ‘has Debbie finally totally lost it’ kind of look.
All I do know is that the smell makes me feel calm, it connects me to Patrick’s calm, and Patrick is connected to something beautiful, its all around him, maybe it is the cedar from the sacred forest. I believe in the power of connection so there we are. Have a look at his web page for more information and if you come to the store – you’ll understand all the lit candles and smells today:) http://www.pureincense.co.za/pure-incense2.html

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