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Quick store news before I natter:
In store now – warm sourdough loaves, kale, pepperdews (pop out the centre, fill with goat’s cheese, place on a baking sheet, drizzle over olive oil, lemon juice, parsley, salt and pepper and bake for 30 – 40 minutes), lemons, butternut, spinach, salad tomatoes, cocktail tomatoes, green peppers, blueberries, brinjals and green beans. Mooberry Grass-Fed Dairy, Croft Chicken, Tracy’s Soups (can I have some feedback on these?), Bluesky Organic Olive range, Hummus, Chickpea Fudge, Goat Peter Dairy, Meals from Ambersky, Coconut Oil and more…stlll time to get orders in for this afternoon’s delivery.
New cuts of Harvey’s grass-fed beef will be in next Thursday. I’m off to explore a new lamb option for you on Tuesday. We just can’t get any Karoo lamb at the moment, not enough lambs are being born this season because of the prior drought, that region has had an awful time and good lamb just isn’t too easy to get hands on right now. The new option though is fairly local – farm only an hour and a half away, it won’t taste like Karoo lamb but it is great and organic, so cross fingers I can get something organised there soon.
I visited an incredible french goat’s cheese maker yesterday and will be bringing the first raw milk goat’s cheese – and the best I’ve yet tasted – to you – next week. If you think you know goat’s cheese, and  you’ve only ever had it from pasteurised milk, you’ will do your nut when you taste this.
I will have an informal gathering here shortly where you can meet this delightful French cheese-maker, learn something about goat’s cheese and get some recipes.
New stock of The Gourmet Greek yoghurts and cheese comes in on Friday. New eggs from New Harmony Farms have literally just walked in with Ruth. Yay! 
New stock of Richard Bosman’s pastured charcuterie is expected any time today or tomorrow – we can’t get a definite ETA from the courier.
Please give Liberty a tinkle on (011) 514 0958 for ETA’s on new produce and if you need to find out if something is in right now. 
Real Food Natter
I hope you all saw the Carte Blanche expose on the damage and disease caused by a popular herbicide 2, 4, D?
I don’t actually watch television and I think I might need to change my point of view on this as it seems that for 2 weeks in a row, Carte Blanche specifically has done 2 programmes friendly to the Real Food Revolution that I’d have been delighted about.
Each time, I’ve had to hear the news from other people!
When I started with Organic Emporium, those of you who were around at that time will remember the types of articles I used to write and how we used to focus on getting the information out there, that pesticides aren’t a great part of the food chain and wreak havoc with human and environmental health respectively.
Do any of you remember the article I did about the villagers in Karachi, India who have deformed children because of their exposure to a common pesticide, Endosulfan being sprayed on cashew nut plantations in the area? If you want to get some understanding of the suffering and damage pesticides cause, have a look at this clip to hear the India story.
The South African one hasn’t yet been told.
Well done to Carte Blanche for going there.
Most common pesticides are quite literally listed carcinogens. Nobody is going to tell you this because some of the most powerful and wealthiest companies on the planet are agri-business. They have a lot of influence and much to lose.
Farm labourers who have to live with the very direct consequences through birth defects and deformities don’t have much of a voice, and the human experiment that we’re all a part of, that has children as well as adults being exposed to unlisted volumes of pesticides through eating fruit and vegetables, wages on.
It’s quite depressing to focus on just how dependant conventional farmers are on these toxic substances and at some point, I decided to take my anger and channel it into the ongoing pursuit of farmers who are prepared to farm organically and naturally.
Rather than focus on pesticides which is such a heavy topic, we spend more time building up the a revolution of people who are prepared to support farmers who don’t choose to harm us or the environment. It makes sense and yet we do need to be reminded from time to time about how dire the toxic onslaught that is a part of the ordinary ‘manufacture’ of food is.
For years now, I haven’t had to get despondent that anybody in my family is eating fresh produce with pesticide residues on. I take it for granted perhaps, that through this business I can get enough to keep agri-industry and their chemistry experiments out of my kitchen, fridge, pantry, home and bodies of my loved ones.
The Carte Blanche expose was another wake up call to remind us all of the agri-industry that stands behind conventional farming and how dangerous the pesticides are to human and environmental health.
If you, like me, missed the clip – here is a link to it, it is posted up on the Carte Blanche website.
Click Here. 
Is it my imagination or does it appear that the idea that eating food grown naturally without being doused in pesticides, artificial fertilisers, antibiotics, growth hormones, additives, preservatives and paint dye, is becoming a more readily acceptable idea?
I’m not viewed as an extremist for suggesting that we eat organically produced food anymore – I’m not seen as a fringe lunatic for urging us all to return to eating real, farm food grown without nonsense.
Excuse me if I’m a touch disoriented. I might be in heaven. Somebody might call me ‘normal’ any second now.
The Jozi Real Food Revolution is gaining momentum. 
I can feel it, I can see it. 
At last and it’s because of you and your growing support of great farmers. 
There are more and more of us now who really care about the connection between our food choices and the health of the ‘whole’. 
You are making a difference with every choice.
Every month, we see new food artisans and great farmers return, willing to stick their necks out and offer you great produce.
These are indeed exciting times.
I need to dash but before I do – there is a salad recipe in ‘The Real Meal Revolution’ that is one of the most beautiful ways to enjoy brinjals, I’ve yet seen. If you think you don’t like brinjals – you might want to revisit that idea.
Serve them as suggested in the recipe with a tahini dressing and pomegranates and you’ll see what I mean!
Try This:
I want you to think of trying this mix for salad dressings – the dressing combines tahini, greek yoghurt, garlic, fresh lemon juice and chives and it is so delicious. I could eat it alone out of a cup!
While we’ve got tahini in made with nothing other than organic sesame seeds and we’ve got greek yoghurt, try it – mix up roughly double the amount of tahini to half of yoghurt, add garlic and any herbs you fancy, stir – taste and then add lemon juice to taste. It makes the most delicious dressing.
I’ve had some requests for copies of The Real Meal Revolution. I’m going to place an order for some books and have them in by the end of February hopefully.
If you don’t have it on hand yet and know somebody that does – ask them for the brinjal salad recipe with the tahini dressing!
Don’t forget too to roast tomatoes and brinjals together while they are both in season too.
Eat organic blueberries while we have them – they are a powerhouse of antioxidants – the season for them is quite short.
So much to cook, so much in season now…let’s eat beautiful, real food. 
Lovely chatting to you as always, Debbie
For and on behalf of your Jozi Real Food Revolution..
Yours in the Jozi Real Food Revolution,
The Organic Natural and Whole Food Emporium
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