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A warm and happy autumn morning to you all. I hope you all had a great Mother’s Day in whichever way you chose to spend it.
We went to the Mothers Day concert at the zoo for the first time and I now wonder why we haven’t done this before. It was a gorgeous day, Parktown in autumn is one of my favorite Jozi places, I love the oak trees having always been fascinated with autumn leaves, they tell such a beautiful story of change and inspire a sort of excitement and hope in me for a new season.
These seasons are so intricately connected with the energy of nourishment, which probably has something to do with my love of them considering that autumn and winter cooking needs to be richer, more, deeper, more complex and warming. I just love it. Anyway, let me wind down my ‘I love winter song’ before I start making some people nauseous. I do realize that I’m not joined by the masses in my love of this season.
Here are this week’s articles…
Store News is that there is new stock in of Mandy’s chicken – thighs, drums, breasts and whole chickens…all of her milk and yoghurts are in….the Kalahari 100% Grass Fed beef steaks are at peak maturity, best before is Wednesday, if you want to use them after that, perhaps freeze them.
We’ve got a great array of seasonal organic produce in right now like pumpkin, sweet potatoes, brinjals etc – great, great roasting veggies and great stewing vegetables too…think about turnips and making a stew?
Aloe Dales greens are in – so stock up for juicing especially – get your immune boosting foods on for Autumn, green juice, bone broth, chicken stocks, herbal teas and lots of organic produce free from pesticides and nonsense..

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