Revised Delivery Fees, Enter The Raw Milk Debate and Lemon and Rosemary Karoo Lamb.

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I hope you’re all doing well and are warm and healthy this Winter.
I’ve been under the weather of late. With me, it’s never diet that gets my immune system low, I’ve got that one sewn, but generally stress.
I can be a bit of an intense drama queen at the best of times. How I manage stress and not being particularly good at it, is my greatest health challenge.
When I get too intense, too demanding of life,  too stressed and too worried – often -I get run down. My antibiotic of choice is fresh ginger which I’ve been drinking copious amounts of boiled up with fresh lemon juice and honey added to it. It literally just stops niggles and infections from getting to the stage where you need a pharmaceutical antibiotic.
My apologies for being so scarce of late, we’ve had several supply issues to keep me challenged, and it’s been a period of having more practical issues to deal with rather than an inspired time.
The consequence has been that I’ve found my time wound up in everything but thinking and writing about food for a bit.
It’s just a season though and as an avid believe in nature, I have to accept ebbs, flows, cycles and seasons as a vital part of life and understand that there is a wisdom and balance brought to the whole through each.
I’ve received many questions on why we are offering a raw milk option from Mooberry Farm and then why it has a ‘pets milk’ sticker on it. I’m quite glad some of you have asked! I’d encourage everyone to query why any food they buy may have a ‘for pets’ sticker on it:) I hoped I’ve answered this adequately in the article on the raw versus pasteurised milk debate below.
We have brought the delivery fee back down to R50 from R75. Getting delivery fees right on food is tricky, there isn’t a large enough margin in food to cover the inordinate cost of petrol and transport in Joburg. 
We have stream lined our delivery areas to exclude the areas that we cannot service at this point without it being too costly so that we can bring the fee down to R50 again. Remember that if you are in the Bryanston area, there is a collection point you can use each afternoon. Remember to place your order in before 12pm to fetch it that afternoon, if your order comes in after that, it will be ready the following day. 
Our delivery areas are the northern suburbs – we will go as far as Kyalami Estate on the north east side, Linksfield and Bedfordview towards the East and Weltevreden Park and Northcliff on the West but unfortunately not able to go beyond that at this point. We do not deliver to Midrand, nor the South, East or West Rand. 
Coming Shortly..
We have some new free-range chicken from Croft Farm in the Dargle Valley coming in on Friday while Mandy’s next lot grow for us. The new lot of Kalahari 100% Grass Fed Beef will be in during the course of Thursday and new stock of Karoo lamb comes in today. 
We have brought the price down on the frozen half lamb boxes to encourage you to buy them so that I have room for the new stock coming in:) The fresh boxes are R840.00 for 9-10kg’s of half lamb – the frozen will be R750.00 for this week only. 
The half lamb boxes are on average 9-10kg’s heavy. They contain, 2 roasts, a rack, 4 large packets of chops (shoulder, rib, loin and leg) and kidneys and stew. This is the most cost effective way to buy lamb, but you do need to keep packs in the freezer and if you need some recipes – let me know and I’ll post some for you.
Without further ado, here are this week’s relevant topics of interest and a recipe I want you to try….have a great one…
Stay warm, Stay nourished..
Yours in the Jozi Real Food Revolution,
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