Richard Bosmans Pastured Pork and a New Jozi Real Food Hero

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I haven’t had too much exciting or new to tell you of late which is why I’ve been quiet. 
November is always such a dry month for produce while we anxiously await new growth. We also aren’t able to get Karoo lamb at the moment nobody can cut it for us so that’s been a bit of a blow. 
I am working on finding you another great lamb option, hang tight, I’m hoping I’ll have something for you next week. 
All it takes in a dry time like this though to re-motivate my soul is exposure to a new farmer or artisan with something exciting to offer the Jozi Real Food Revolution. 
I’ve found 2 of late. The first is Richard Bosman and his charcuterie made with pastured pork from Glen Oaks farm. Our first order arrived today –  see bacon, prosciutto and mixed packs under ‘free range pork’. 
Meet Richard Bosman and his very special business by viewing this youtube clip. You can also read his inspiring blog at, find out more about who he is and why he is committed to great farmers and exceptional charcuterie.
Then there is a new local farmer that has been responsible for putting a smile on my dial this week.
I also met a very exciting new farmer on the local scene who is raising goats, peking ducks and wild geese on a local beautiful plot in Beaulieu. He is committed to bringing you a fine range of traditional french goat’s cheeses next year too which I’m silly excited about. 
He also has solved my Christmas table dilemma. I have been desperately searching for sustainable produce for our Christmas table and for yours. I may have a pastured gammon option coming, I’m still trying to firm up the detail as the pork is from the Cape, but as far as jumbo chickens go, I haven’t had too much luck and no luck in my hunt for free range turkey either. 
After meeting Barry Sergeant on his very special farm this week, I now have a great solution for us. He will have a limited amount of free range peking ducks and geese for our Christmas tables this year. 
See the article below with pictures of his farm. The geese and ducks will be strictly to order. I’m not going to place them on the online store, if you would like to place an order, please send a mail as the amounts are limited. 
We will then place the order for you, mail you and invoice and deposit details and the delivery date. 
The ducks will be 2kg’s on average and cost R165 and the geese are around 4.5 – 5kg’s and cost R250.00. 
They will be slaughtered on the farm, no caging or stressful long transport and we will get them to you on the day that they have been prepared so that you can freeze them immediately. See the article below to find out more about where they come from and to meet Barry Sergeant and his approach to farming.
If you order – I’ll also put together a collection of recipe ideas for roast goose and peking ducks for you. 
Other Store News – new additions this week on the fresh produce side is certified organic baby marrows, the rest of is pretty much the same – we’ve also got in some organic sunflower sprouts, mustard cress and alfalfa sprouts to jam pack your weekly salads with nutrition. 
Enjoy the rain if it finds you, there is a beautiful storm brewing here, I just love the tension in the air as a storm builds –  stay dry and stay nourished…

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