Rye Sourdough Loaves are in and It's Time For Spring Lightness and Salad..

I was dashing out of the house this morning, with a head full of thoughts, our household had been full of domestic squabble, not the most harmonious of mornings. They happen in real families! Don’t tell me you don’t have them in yours. I probably won’t believe you. ūüôā
Anyhow, just as I was picking up my laptop off the kitchen counter to run out, this flower caught my eye in our veggie patch. I put everything down and walked outside to go and look at it a bit more closely and then felt compelled to sit down with it for a moment. It drew me into the most beautiful place.
I just marvelled at the beauty and perfection and felt smiled at by nature. In an instant, I felt rooted in Spring. I wanted to share this and hopefully encourage you to just stop a minute when you see your first Spring flower. Actually put everything down and get closer and really look at the beauty of it. I promise if you listen carefully enough and spend just a moment, that flower will leave you feeling in a better place. It is literally time to smell the roses. Happy Spring everyone..here is today’s newsletter..

I saw this quote on a new post on  my favourite food blog Рwww.makeandbakefromscratch.com Рthis morning, it goes like this:
“To eat is a necessity, but to eat intelligently is an art”, (Francois De La Rochefaucauld)”
Eating intelligently is what the Jozi Real Food Revolution is all about. And seasonal intelligence is part of nature’s wisdom. So nature has pushed up an abundance of fresh spring leaves in response to our need for lighter nutrition and lighter food in warmer weather.
It’s¬†going to¬†sound so cliched to¬†write about¬†Spring but how can I not wax lyrical when produce like this arrives? Butter lettuce, mixed salad packs, edible flowers, wild and sweet rocket – oh soul – so excited – rocket is one of the greatest things I miss during winter – broad beans, cabbage, celery, covo, dill, garlic chives, spring onions – and I have so missed those, I eat spring onions with everything, mixed lettuce packs, flaming frills mustard leaf (amazing to add to salads), marjoram, pak choi, rape, rosemary and more…
I know that we are all affected by the change in seasons but I do think, that when we are connected to food and eat seasonally, it’s even more exciting and we connect even deeper to the cycles of life that govern transformation.
Warm rye sourdough leaves have arrived, order now and we’ll see you this afternoon..it smells like heaven in here again..
We are getting such excited feedback on this bread, I keep hearing from people who can’t handle ordinary gluten, eat this bread with no symptoms at all…it really is the best sourdough available in Jozi right now and we’re getting the ordering right to meet your demand, I’ve ordered more rye for this morning as I know so many of you wanted yesterday but we didn’t have enough…
Sam is on his way back from Mandy’s with more milk and cream…
Karoo Meat of Origin Lamb is in this afternoon…
There is frozen stock too at a reduced price an it is just as good, I don’t experience any difference at all in the taste and texture of the frozen and it is just a bit more reasonable ¬†price wise.
New Kalahari Beef steaks will be toward the end of the week, plenty mince still in stock…
Have a look at the latest post from www.makeandbakefromscratch.com, all about sweet treats! She makes eating real, such a celebration and so easy and so delicious.
Enjoy the lightness of Spring, it’s time to shed the heavy stuff, put skin to the sun, remove the layers between ourselves and the pulse of life, keep it light, keep it fresh. The introspective time of Winter is over, it’s time for a new season now in life, love and everything else:)¬†
Let’s have fun and let’s keep it real..
Warmest Regards, Debbie


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