SA Natural Snacks Business – O My Goodness Shows Leadership in Conscious Capitalism.

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O’My Goodness Raw Snacks

SA Natural Snacks Business – O My Goodness Shows Leadership in Conscious Capitalism.
Many conscious and ethical businesses contribute towards the SA Real Food (R)evolution and it is – without doubt – a space where business is done differently.
Of course it also attracts those that use the space to green-wash aggressively as they try and exploit labels but they are a relatively new phenomenon here and they garnish about as much respect from us as brine. And deep in our guts, we know them when we see them. Sometimes it takes a while to see through the polished retail veneer but at some point that feeling in our gut takes hold and we see through the smokescreen. We know that as we grow as a conscious consumer base, they will show up even more as they scramble to try and take advantage of a road that actually was carved out by a handful of pioneering businesses that didn’t do this because the Maths worked, they did this and survived the digging of the path – because their heart and guts told them it was important
Because they believed incorruptibly that the access to nourishment was worth putting themselves out there for.
There is a group of small businesses in SA that built up from hobby, passionate, heart focused businesses that struggled for sustainability. These are the businesses that I started out engaging with years ago from my garage – businesses like O My Goodness, Leafy Greens, Mooberry Farms, Earth Products and Aloe Dale.
These businesses that have stood the test of time – committing to this space when it was not financially feasible to do so, proved the grit of their conviction and continue to show up with integrity.
O’ My Goodness have just done so again. One of the barriers they and we face is that when you are small and only using good ingredients, the costs are higher and what you are making cannot compete in terms of pricing with conveyor belt efficiency. The price is higher not only because of the nature of it but also because you don’t have economies of scale.
You aren’t doing volumes so you can’t get volume pricing. You don’t even have ‘volumes’ of these real ingredients because there aren’t enough of them grown or around. You can’t produce more until there are enough customers to want more and that can be a stuck paradigm that makes these types of businesses difficult.
It is true that most start ups and small ethical businesses have battled silly in the context, limited supply, a small conscious consumer base and not being able to do enough to bring pricing down as volumes increase.
This morning I get an e-mail from O’My Goodness – entitled ‘PRICE DECREASE’. I thought it must be a typo – yet on opening it the broadest grin radiated from somewhere deep in my belly.
The e-mail advises that now that they have grown to a particular point, they are achieving better economies of scale and getting better pricing on their raw ingredients so they have been able to decrease their pricing. Which means we can now do the same and pass this on to you.
This is true leadership of conscious and ethical retailing led by a breed of people who put heart first and do it properly. They could have achieved the efficiency and left the price as it was and relaxed a bit getting a better return, which could well have been justified considering their hard road. Yet they didn’t. Instead they said, we have arrived at a place where we are getting better pricing through our growth so we can now pass this onto our customers.
The price now comes down on snacks that contain no junk and then it becomes more accessible to others. And this is the behavior of the hearts and caliber of mind that shape the SA Real Food (R)evolution.
Far from misguided, fluffy or esoteric – this practice carries a logic too that is sound. The more the food revolution is stimulated through making it more sustainable and getting the pricing better – the more it will grow and the end result is that we all get to live and eat in a better place.
When the health of the whole grows, the quality of life improves for everyone.
This type of retail behavior – putting the good of the whole first is as relevant to the food revolution as the produce and the farms.
Getting this revolution underway revolves around collaborative effort and intent between all players.
Thank you Kim and the team from O’ My Goodness for proving that business can be done in a way that benefits all without it meaning somebody else has to get less.
I think Kim and the team from O’My Goodness deserve recognition for outstanding leadership here. The pricing of the O’My Goodness snacks will be lowered shortly.
Debbie Logan – Onwards and Upwards Indeed with the Jozi Real Food (R)evolution. 011 514 0958

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