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I’m just thinking on conversations we’ve had in-store this morning and there’s no denying we’re all a bit heavy with the issues of the day.
The news is depressing, load shedding on top of everything else is disruptive and the sense of powerlessness we feel at the horror of some of the things happening around us can trigger an insecurity about our everyday lives that’s debilitating.
Considering the types of people this store and community attracts, conscious awake people actively shaping their lives in a particularly connecting mindful way – of course you’re engaged with the topic and affected by it and we must be. We cannot live divorced from the social realities of the people we share our space with and times like this remind us of that – any social injustice – affects us all. What harms one – harms another and what builds one – builds another.
I don’t want to launch straight into talking about food without just touching on the mood of the place right now and I hope to offer perhaps some consolation through sharing a story of a very human exchange I had yesterday that helped me to put things in perspective. Perhaps it will help you too.
I was at my salon for my monthly general repair and maintenance – 🙂 – aka facial – and my therapist and I were talking about the xenophobic attacks. She is a beautiful Zimbabwean lady and I’ve been seeing her for years and we chat but have never really had a deep conversation. So she was telling me how insecure she feels at the moment and that she is very worried about her 10 year old daughter. Their teacher had told the children that they need to watch the news for homework! So the poor child saw some of the horrendous images of the attacks in KZN. Before school she told her Mum that she was too scared to go out and that she didn’t want to die. At this point in the story, regaling how she had to assure her daughter that she wouldn’t die, at a time when she feels insecure herself, she burst into tears. I felt her pain so deeply being a Mother myself and at the point of really feeling hers and just imagining what that breakfast conversation must have felt like for her with her daughter, I connected to her with such compassion.
I was reminded of our shared humanness and our great capacity to connect to each other. I don’t find much more meaningful than those moments in life to be honest. Anyhow, lost at how to console somebody who feels like they might be attacked any moment and who has to worry for their children’s safety, I told her about my experience in 2008 of driving right into the middle of the thick of a xenophobic attack zone in Kya Sands to collect my gardener. We had a Zimbabwean gardener working for us at the time and when all this nonsense started, I told him that he was to call me if he got into trouble. So he did, running for his life with all his possessions in one bag. I drove into Kya Sands to find him and picked him up at a garage, one terrified alone man with all his life possessions in one Pick ‘n Pay packet. He stayed with us for 2 weeks until he felt safe again to venture out into what must have felt like a very hostile world. The point of the story I told her, was to illustrate just how much people do care and how meaningful connection happens between people when they are in the midst of its opposite – fear and disconnection. There were many people I know that took foreigners into their homes for safety.
Take note of how many people are offering support to others. Take note of how many South Africans and foreigners are friends and helping each other right now. Watch for all those people who speak out with love and how much unity occurs when we have to collectively face pain like this. Watch out for it as much as you do the bad news – because wherever people are attacking each other – you will find people who step in and offer support, connection and care.
They stand out even more at times like these while we’re dealing with the shadow and opposite of human love and connection. So stay in the light.
When your children want to talk about what they’re hearing – talk equally about all the people that are helping. If you have to face 5 minutes of listening to bad news about horrible incidences – make sure that you spend 10 thinking about who you can help – who you can offer support to even if it’s just a chat and focus your attention on all the people that are involved in helping and assisting those in pain and those uprooted. If we do that – we don’t feed the energy of disconnection that is the root cause of these social diseases to start with.
There are more good people who care in this country than those that are damaged. Way more. Notice that as much as the horrors and it will keep your energy in light, power and love. The more we build that energy, the better equipped we are to help those that need support and to create the opposite of the disempowerment we’re seeing at the moment. Connection. Solid, human, meaningful connection. 
I promise it will make you feel instantly better and stronger and more powerful amidst this.
Right that said – back to our mission to reconnect people to good food in this food revolution of ours.:) 
There’s quite a bit of re-stocking happening today. I see Samantha unpacking a new consignment of the organic Italian tinned tomatoes and pastas, we’re waiting eagerly for the new charcuterie from Bread & Wine that’s coming in any hour now, being without the bacon is always a certain type of hell, we’re re-stocked in full of the Le Chocolatier chocolate that took us by storm and the Caralishious coconut ice cream that went bananas.
We had an absolute run on the new Caralishious coconut milk ice-cream – I’m looking for feedback please as this is a brand new product. If you have brought it, please can you send me some urgent feedback on how you experienced the ice-cream. Cara would love this too so all feedback much appreciated.
We’re fully stocked on Keith Harvey’s wholly veldt reared beef. We are going to be using a new deboning facility where we can start maturing the beef for longer which will only improve the taste going forward.
Speaking about the chocolate, keeping our hands on it has presented with challenges. We get it in and it rushes out of the shop quicker than you can say ‘re-order’.
This is new to Jozi and whilst there was initial difficulty with keeping up – which we were not unhappy with – I expect nothing less from a real artisan who doesn’t produce conveyor belt food – I’m pleased to report that we are adequately stocked now to keep you happy for a longer while. Just a couple of notes to make on this chocolate based on chats we’re having in-store.
Yes this is ‘banting friendly’ – the 70% and 55% contains nothing other than organic cocoa powder and organic cocoa butter. The accentuated sweetness is due to the extraction of the bitterness so the natural sweetness in cocoa is the highlight. The white chocolate though – is not the same – it does contain organic milk solids and 5% honey. Also traditionally when we have looked at conventional chocolate bars the thinking always has been that the higher the percentage of cocoa – the less sugar – which is true – so we perceive a 70% as a better animal than a lower percent. The same rationale doesn’t apply to these bars as there is no sugar – the 55% simply has a larger percentage of cocoa butter – so it’s higher fat – and strictly speaking lower sugar – because the natural sweetness of the cocoa is where the sweetness is coming from. The 70% has 70% cocoa – 30% cocoa butter. The 55% has 55% cocoa, 45% cocoa butter so it is a higher fat bar, even less natural sugar as there’s less cocoa – so strictly speaking the most banting is the 55%. Right that said – the other thing that is coming up around this is what a win it is for children’s lunch-boxes, they’re getting all the benefit of the goodness in chocolate without the nonsense and no sense of deprivation – this tastes really good.
On the organic fruit and veggie front – we’ve got in organic kale, broccoli, spinach, patty-pans, baby marrows, baby gems, green beans, mixed baby leaves, pomegranates, grape-fruit and mangoes, lots of herb and lettuce.
Please ripen these in a fruit bowl at home, it took me over night to ripen our first one and slice these up for lunch-boxes, packed in a little glass jar with one of those wooden forks from Woolworths it’s such a nice addition for lunch-boxes. Think too about mixing grape-fruit segments, kale, spring onion and mango into a quick nutrient burst salad – trust me the combination is delicious.
You seem to be enjoying the new organic Italian range of pasta sauces, pestos and pastas – they’ve flying out of the shelf so we’ll stick with those.
Time for my next meeting, lovely chatting to you as always – I’ll send out short snippets of new things as they arrive – on social media as it happens.
Oh! Before I forget – the Mooberry chickens still haven’t started laying yet! Mandy thinks they are younger than what she was told – they’re happy – they’re looking like they’re ready to lay – but it aint happening yet. I’ll yell the moment the first egg is laid !
Much love, stay in the light, Debbie Logan

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