Still Time To Get Your Orders In For The Week-End, Broad Beans, Blessings and Sourdough…

broad beans
Do let me know if you try the sweet potato cottage pie and how you found it? 
I don’t have too much to say today, I must be getting ill! 
I just wanted to remind you that if you need to fill up on your favourite organic produce for the week-end, there is still time to get your orders in. 
New in today is the frozen and sliced sourdough loaves in all 3 different flavours and broad beans and a small selection of greens from Aloe Dale together with the other trusty winter staples that have been with us for the past month – carrots, sweet potatoes, clementines, broccoli, marrows, etc…
I do hope you all have a great week-end. 
Thank you for the feedback coming in, we have a flood of new customers and new energy and enthusiasm this week and it’s given us a lift, I loved chatting to some of you yesterday as you arrived. 
We intend to shape this with you, so chat to me and we’ll mould this as we go along. 
I’m going to send out a date for our first cooking get-together next week. 
I’m feeling a touch obsessed about us doing a ‘how to cook steak’ session. We’ll make it informal, we’ll make it fun, it just drives me crazy that so many people are eating feed-lot steak at restaurants that doesn’t give them all the nutrition of 100% grass-fed, that doesn’t rear animals humanely and that isn’t anywhere near as good for you and that is full of growth hormones and anti-biotics. 
So many people get intimidated about cooking their own steak, and it’s worth learning how to cook restaurant quality steak at home when you’re making the change and wanting to get more grass-fed nutrition into your diet. Into the future, I intend to go out and find restaurants that are prepared to put Kalahari Beef on their menus and we’ll tell you where they are at when I do…in the meantime though, become an expert at cooking your own..
So help me with some feedback. 
Would you be interested in a grass-fed steak cooking event? 
What time of the day would best suit – evening during the week, morning of a week-end, afternoon of a week-end, morning of a week-end….you get the drift? 🙂 
I’m going to try and set this up to tie in with Keith Harvey’s next trip up to Jozi which is probably going to be in September….then you can meet him at the same time…fun! If we get that right, I’ll be like an excitable kid beforehand, it’ll be a literal dream come true event for me, you meeting Keith, Keith meeting you, connection where it matters….joy! 
Right, I was supposed to not have much to say….I have too many words!
One more thing….I’ve really enjoyed all the interaction with you this week, so many mails, meeting new faces at the collection point, phone calls from you, feedback…yesterday  I felt a huge sense of gratitude for those of you that do support this business, these farmers, this revolution. 
So often, when it’s tough, I focus on how small a group we are and feel small to the task but yesterday I came home to the fact that small we are, but we’re a growing group and I’m very grateful to those of you who support us. I think sometimes I focus on the things that aren’t important, like how large the problem of food is, and I’ve missed the blessings, the fact that there is you and you are here and we’re a larger number than we were 2 years go and despite the difficulties, we are growing year by year. 
Bless you, cook something beautiful and deeply nourishing this week-end…I’ll leave the cottage pie recipe up again, in case you missed it yesterday and need some week-end cooking inspiration. 
Warmest, warmest, warmest Regards, Debbie
Stay warm, Stay nourished..

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